In a 1920s Paris fashion show, Golde Schwab met COCO CHANEL, an up-and-coming designer. They discussed fashion trends, co-founding a ceramic brand with a double G logo. In 2010, Jean Schwab discovered a stone in CEVISAMA, leading to a collaboration with Hongyuan. Golde Ceramic was born, maintaining a lasting partnership. With a unique understanding of art and fashion, Golde fuses fashion elements with products, offering consumers a luxurious feast of art and fashion.

Project Name: Golde Ceramic Tiles Headquarter
Design Firm: Topway Space Design ( )
Project Location: Shiwan, Foshan, China
Project Area: 5000㎡
Design Time: 2020.04
Completion Time: 2023.03
Chief Designers: Wang Zhike&Li Xiaoshui
Design Team: Lu Zhongwen, Lai Yuqin, Qiu Wenfeng
Soft Decoration Design: Yang Shiwei/IRIS HOUSE
Project Owner: Guangdong Hongyuan Ceramics Group
Main Materials: Golde Ceramic Tiles, Sintered Stone, LANSEN
Photographer: Xu Yiwen

Golde Ceramic Tiles Headquarter by Topway Space Design-Sheet2
©Xu Yiwen

A Butterfly Emerges
Inspired by a butterfly’s transformation, the exhibition signifies the brand’s rebirth. The black, white, and grey palette echoes Italian minimal style. Deep grey cement-textured walls, statuary white marble stairs, and pure white silk-screened glass backdrop showcase Golde’s commitment. A stainless steel butterfly highlights the brand’s consistent fashion taste. The indigo luxury stone front desk reflects discreet luxury. The lobby, bathed in morning sunlight, exudes mystery, sacred beauty, and elegance. Geometric elements and interlock square blocks form a unique brand symbol.

©Xu Yiwen

Artistry of Light and Shadows
The lobby’s silk-screened glass wall, illuminated by outside shadows, resembles abstract nature artwork. Light adds depth, while the delicate texture embodies elegance. It’s a unique expression of emotional connection, a place where nature and soul engage in dialogue.

Multi-dimensional Blocks
The branding wall features layered blocks, creating a powerful, ordered, and memorable space. The silk-screened art glass backdrop and navy-blue luxury stone desk accentuate the brand’s fashion essence. Deep grey matte-finished products and white marble create an elegant space.

Golde Ceramic Tiles Headquarter by Topway Space Design-Sheet6
©Xu Yiwen

Entering the Secret Forest
Beyond the lobby lies a secret forest where imagination soars. Stainless steel columns create a forest-like realm, blending reality and illusion. Fog machines evoke misty ambiance, contrasting with the virtual frosty forest. A U-shaped pathway enhances the sense of ritual.

The Dancing Fairy
In the white forest, a dancer becomes a fairy, swirling amidst flowing mist and wafting clouds, like a fluttering butterfly in elegant steps.

Golde Ceramic Tiles Headquarter by Topway Space Design-Sheet7
©Xu Yiwen

Harmony with Nature
Merging with nature, one finds tranquility, escaping hustle and bustle. The soul takes a brief rest, like a butterfly perched on a petal, swayed by a gentle breeze. Life unfolds as an artistic masterpiece, surrounded by the enchanting fragrance of flowers. Humans harmoniously coexist with nature in this serene space.

Product Benefits
The space emphasizes product benefits such as formaldehyde degradation, antimicrobial effects, and reduced interior decoration pollution. Minimalist cultural symbols represent the continuous release of far-infrared rays and negative ions. A transformative LED wall visualizes far-infrared rays, allowing people to observe the light’s trajectory in the defined “purification space.


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