The structural format from the “Magok Hive” is the same as “Urban Hive”, which was designed in 2008. By combining columns and beams diagonally, it created a structural wall in which the flow of gravity came down straight and removed the gap between the stress lines.

Project Name: Magok Hive
Studio Name: ARCHIUM

Magok Hive By ARCHIUM - Sheet3

When a glass-wall that divides the interior is separated from the structural wall, the structural wall can become an exterior skin. This method is based on the principle from the Korean traditional building, “Hanok”. In the case of “Hanok”, there are the exterior skins behind the wooden structure. It can be applied at modern structural system, reinforced concrete.

Magok Hive By ARCHIUM - Sheet6

The space of the research facilities, offices and supporting facilities will become one by the seven-story atrium open toward the sky. The atrium is empty, but not just empty. It will be filled with light coming into the skylight and the gaze going in and out of each floor.

Magok Hive By ARCHIUM - Sheet9

At noon, the diamond of light will flow the polycarbonate wall, which is located at the middle. It will arrive at the transparent floor constructed by resin containing white gravels. The 1,800mm-wide transparent band becomes a stream that connects the lobby diagonally, allowing the space to flow.


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