The residential building on the right side of Zurich Lake stands out particularly due to its exposed location and its special spatial concept. The villa rises above the steeply sloping edge of the terrain with two bodies that have been shifted to each other, and at the same time merged together. The house contrasts the idyllic surroundings with straight lines and forms.

Design Team: Ruben Daluz, Juan Gonzalez, Carlos Sabater and Julian Calvo
Area: Site Area: 950m2
Building Area: 680m2   (heated and unheated area with walls)
Total Floor Area: 352m2 (heated area with walls above ground)
Landscape Area: 415m2
Design Period: 2015-2018
Construction Period: 2017-2018
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Photography Credits: Valentin Jeck

Other Credits:
Construction: Ponato AG, Hombrechtikon
Collaborator: Hager Bauingenieur. Poliform

 Casa MI, Herrliberg By Daluz Gonzalez Architekten - Sheet1
©Valentin Jeck

While from the lakeside the panorama windows of the southwest facade stand out, towards the street, the house is rather introverted with its closed shell of lightly pigmented concrete.

 Casa MI, Herrliberg By Daluz Gonzalez Architekten - Sheet4
©Valentin Jeck

In the interior of Casa Mi generously proportioned staircases connect wide open spaces. That is how the distant picturesque Alpine landscape can be observed from almost every angle. Each area of the house reveals a new perspective towards the Zürich lake while allowingmaximum privacy. The open design of the interiors allows to integrate the surrounding nature.Due to its location on the edge of the property, the outdoor pool seems to be an extension of the lake.

 Casa MI, Herrliberg By Daluz Gonzalez Architekten - Sheet5
©Valentin Jeck

The interior was designed in such a way that the rooms flow dynamically into each other and make the total depth of 23 meters tangible. Although the levels differ clearly in their functions, the areas merge with each other.

When entering the property from the north, the view is initially directed to the oversized staircase. The right side leads to the living zone on the ground floor, from there an impressive view of Zurich Lake can be seen. The left side leads you to the cooking area, which spreads out on the wide steps to the living and dining room.

At the top there is the master bedroom. This sleeping gallery on the third floor forms the highest point of the villa and floats over the other areas. While it is bordered to the south by a full-surface window front, it opens on the other side to the lower split-level with another staircase.

 Casa MI, Herrliberg By Daluz Gonzalez Architekten - Sheet6
©Valentin Jeck

The basement is not visible from the street due to its hillside location. The studio is aligned with the axis of the staircase to the lake. There are also other bedrooms and a cinema room. This level offers a lot of peace and seclusion.

The garden on the southeastern side of the villa is meant for moments in company. The displacement of the two buildings creates a roofed outdoor space next to a seating area recessed in the ground. The pool is docked to the house and placed parallel to the ridge. The garden plot on the opposite side of the house is dedicated to retreat.

©Valentin Jeck

Casa Mi is a composition of compact volumes with a split-level in order to minimize the height, so the lake Zurich is still visible from properties behind it. That makes the house also beneficial for the surrounding neighbours.

One might think a spaceship has landed on the shore of Zurich Lake.


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