Along the Onga river in the city of Nogata, Fukuoka-prefecture. In the abandoned cityscape with Showa-period( 1926 – 1989) structures, 30 to 50 years old, the outdated atmosphere is drifting. Where has ever been this municipality heading for?

Project Name: The urban vessel in Nogata
Studio Name: nano Architects
Photo: Yasunori Hidaka

The urban vessel in Nogata by nano Architects - Sheet7
©Yasunori Hidaka

Abandoned and left by their previous owners without restoration, this mass of architecture seems awaiting to fade. And as if anchored vessels were floating in the forgotten city, they are waiting new occupants who may or may not come.

The urban vessel in Nogata by nano Architects - Sheet8
©Yasunori Hidaka

In this environment, we planned a new house. This house carries on the three traditions from the “NAGAYA” style.  These are the long and narrow site, the shared wall and the gable roof. By integrating these traditions, this architecture has realized the conflation of the history, the tradition, and the modern life style.

©Yasunori Hidaka

Tossed around by the change between periods, the anchored vessel in the abandoned city, called “house,” is now leading the inhabitants to destination of life in this co…


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