The Super Sell S2 Space Exhibition, known as Dreamland, made its debut at Guangzhou Design Week in March 2023. This captivating experience represents the struggles of the past year and serves as a gateway to another dimension. Upon entering Dreamland, visitors embark on a journey through dreams, encountering their own reflections and witnessing the passage of time.

Exhibition Name: Dreamland 2023 x VIPASSANA
Design Firm: Nerve Space Digital Art
Creative Directors: Sissi Bu, Leo Zong, Ray cho
Creative Team: Liang Chen, Chunguang Wei, Mao Ye, Wanyuan Song, Yifang Wei, Xiaoguang Qu, Jing Chen
Photographer: Archie

Dreamland 2023 x VIPASSANA by Nerve Space Digital Art - Sheet3


VIPASSANA, an interactive experience, took the exhibition by storm, attracting crowds of enthusiastic participants. In quieter moments, VIPASSANA offers an introspective sanctuary for spiritual and zen-like encounters. As the crowd gathers, each person’s image becomes part of a collective picture, a fleeting moment exclusive to that instance. This communal creation, shaped by every participant, reflects the exhibition’s theme of “Endless Dreams, Eternal Moments.” Observing time and self, one can’t help but contemplate the wisdom of our ancestors and Eastern philosophy.

VIPASSANA | An Extraordinary Journey to Meet Yourself

Through innovative interactive technology, VIPASSANA projects real-time images of participants, allowing them to engage with their past selves and unlock various experiences. Within the fantasy realm of VIPASSANA, one can encounter different versions of themselves from every second of the past, as well as encounter fellow audience members.

Dreamland 2023 x VIPASSANA by Nerve Space Digital Art - Sheet4

This immersive interactive experience relies on cutting-edge facial recognition and cache technology. By utilizing feedback and image delay techniques, the live-captured images of participants generate continuous visual effects. These images are interwoven with line drawings, creating abstract art scenes within the space. Visitors can interact with these scenes, engaging in dialogue with their own images and with time itself.

Dreamland 2023 x VIPASSANA by Nerve Space Digital Art - Sheet6

VIPASSANA is suitable for diverse settings such as art exhibitions, flash events, outdoor carnivals, nightclubs, music festivals, livehouses, and fashion shows. It can be enhanced with various artistic effects and accompanied by different live background music, offering multiple emotional experiences. We have also designed a standardized VIPASSANA cube, which can be experienced independently or seamlessly integrated into various spaces or events.

Nerve Space Digital Art is dedicated to merging space, art, and interaction, enabling a broader audience to engage with the captivating world of digital interactive spaces.


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