Dustudio is an inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Auroville with an inspirational background within the Indian thought of combining modern and vernacular architecture. The firm aims to achieve the traditional way of designing and providing efficient contemporary modern ways of life. Dustudio’s works consist of a harmonious combination of sustainability with arts, crafts, and design to create an aesthetic living environment. 

The sustainability approach supports Auroville’s simplistic, vernacular urban housing typology because Auroville, which is also called ‘the City of Dawn’, is an experimental township in regional India. Dustudio’s projects in Auroville can show an approach for sustainability. Here are five wonderful projects by Dustudio:

1. Humanscapes Habitat Urban Living by Dustudio

Humanscapes Habitat Urban Living is a sustainable and integrated urban living project with creating a habitat of a sustainable and harmonious model which supports the global crisis of energy and climate change. The mixed-use development of residences, communities, and workspace provides the adequate needs for low-embodied energy buildings. It also demonstrates the harmful effects of high embodied energy materials which introduces a new role model to reduce the carbon footprint and create sustainability. 

Dustudio used local building materials while using renewable energy to support minimal use of processing and machinery. Therefore, the residential project meets the needs of Auroville’s vernacular approach and even adds a more aesthetic urban context with sustainability. 

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2. Vernacular and Modern Architecture- Dustudio-Auroville

Besides the first project’s sustainable development methods, Dustudio aims spatial urban and regional planning layout with creating a dialogue between various disciplines, a space that enriches oneself, sustainable, and locally available materials such as terracotta roofing and wood. For this reason, by combining vernacular and modern architecture, Dustudio not only aims to respect existing traditions; but also takes traditions further to simply redefine the luxury of minimalistic architecture. 

Especially inside and outside relations of spaces are very significant to achieve sustainability and diversity of materials, the natural landscape can surround the building and even be part of the building as a courtyard to make a more scenic and biophilic atmosphere and indicate a unique representation of spatial and sensitive impression in a space.

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3. Residential Sustainable Housing by Dustudio for Auroville

Dustudio’s Principal Dharmesh Jadeja indicates his exploration of taking sustainability to a larger context and larger scale through interiors and product design to produce unique projects which include enhancing the spaces through timeless impressions while finding new expressions. Each project by Dustudio has a pure craft of perseverance and the practice of meditative experiential interiors. 

The use and allocation of space, especially in residential sustainable housing, clarify the essential need for courtyards to socialize and create a community hub by making different applications and identifications for private and public zones. This creates spaces that are living and communicating with the users aesthetically. Different textures, materials, and colours provide spatial diversity with defining the circulation and increasing sustainability.

Dustudio – Auroville- Pioneering Sustainable Architecture of Regional India-Sheet5
Auroville Dustudio Dhruv Bhasker_©stirworld.com
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Auroville Dustudio Dhruv Bhasker Skandavan_©auroville.org

4. Impact on Natural Lighting for Sustainability by Dustudio

One of the most significant factors to Dustudio’s sustainable projects in Auroville is the use of natural lighting for efficient interior lighting and façade design. To make a suitable relation with Auroville, the façade applications consist of sustainable material, wood, to create the essence of aesthetic look for exterior and natural lighting for the interior. Also, in study areas, Dustudio emphasises isolating the space from noise and making a private zone surrounded by a natural atmosphere. 

In addition to sustainable methods, the firm creates a noticeable impact on the existing building’s concept and context concerning lighting, acoustics, aesthetics, etc. These factors combine with minimalism in architecture as being minimal use of energy, minimal impact on the environment, minimal intrusion on the social, aesthetical, and cultural identity of the space, which develops Auroville’s urban context within sustainability.

Dustudio – Auroville- Pioneering Sustainable Architecture of Regional India-Sheet7
Auroville Dustudio Dhruv Bhasker Blackbox_©auroville.org
Dustudio – Auroville- Pioneering Sustainable Architecture of Regional India-Sheet8

5. Sustainable Material and Texture Use by Dustudio

India’s indigenous practice ‘Earth Architecture’ is commonly used by Dustudio with a diversity of materials and textures. For an urban setting, earth architecture provides universal urban application and redefinition between old and new, vernacular and modern. The co-founder of Dustudio, Dhruv Bhasker, mentions Auroville’s development in terms of urban design and planning to create a style with different textures, materials, and colours. These formulate the basic structure of the town. 

Auroville and the term sustainability have merged and positively affected India’s regional identity. Dustudio believes in the spread of knowledge, old and new, with learning & sharing to mainstream construction industry through a group of individuals and groups to achieve a more ecologically sensitive environment.

In conclusion, Dustudio collaborates efficiently with the town of Auroville and aims towards Human Unity for a sustainable environment, arts and crafts, architecture, design, philosophy, education, urban planning, etc. The firm’s unique, sustainable approach promotes eco-friendly, climatically appropriate, energy-efficient, cost-efficient building materials and techniques to utilise locally appropriate inputs and aesthetics. 

For this reason, to understand the ancient Indian wisdom for art and building, Dustudio’s projects for Auroville provide a beneficial source to learn the concept and context.


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