Sustainability is a concept that has been circling the minds of people in all walks of life for a few years, and has suddenly become one of the main facets to look into while working on a project. Not only do people like to practice it at home, but also in businesses. Companies want to reduce their carbon footprint and make sustainable products and services. These products help to reduce the strain humans have on the Earth and the environment we live in. Trying to understand, be more empathetic and aware has started applying to Nature and our surroundings. There are various types of products which adhere to the concept of sustainability. They create and provide sustainable products for the home. 

Here are 20 such products:

1. Reusable Bamboo Utensils | Sustainable Products

These utensils are lightweight, reusable and a great alternative to the regular plastic utensils used in households. As per the BPA, most plastic silverware has a chemical that is harmful to health. This sustainable product, To-Go Ware RePEaT Reusable Bamboo Utensil is an excellent choice to use and to travel with as well. We should all try switching to this heat resistant, small and compact environmental-friendly product.

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet1
Reusable Bamboo Utensils –

2. Sustainable T-Shirts

Clothes are one of the necessities in our lives and ensuring those products are long-lasting makes it a better place for the planet and for us to live on. With sustainable clothes made from organic and recycled fabrics from Soul Flower, one can wear interesting, hip clothes whilst promoting the idea of sustainable products. 

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Hip Sustainable T-shirts –

3. LeafShave Razor | Sustainable Products

LeafShave is a small company which focuses on making razors sustainable products as well. Usually, plastic razors are used by all and this causes harm to the environment. However, this company provides blades, a tin to store old razors, and a razor container. The company recycles the old razors if you return a full tin of them. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet3
LeafShave Razor –

4. Timberland Shoes

Timberland is a widely known company for its boots and shoes. Every pair of shoes made by this company are a product of recycling plastic bottles. Every employee also puts in hours of community service. 

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Famous Timberland Shoes –

5. Cleaning Products | Sustainable Products

The products that we use to clean our home, make the environment polluted and have the opposite effect on it. There are now sustainable products by companies like Uniquely J and Blueland, who are developing for purposes which provide similar solutions without creating a dampener in the environment. 

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Sustainable Cleaning Products –

6. An E-Reader

Being an avid reader, the appeal of having a fresh book in your hand with the smell of those pages and a cup of coffee, switching to an online reading material was a big change. The change was required to be a part of a small effort towards reducing paper usage and transportation. 

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Kindle the book replacement –

7. Paperless Towels

Kitchens use the maximum amount of paper towels which are a big contributor to the planet’s garbage. Instead of these one-time-use paper towels, kitchen paperless towels made from soft fabrics are more durable, pocket-friendly and environment-friendly. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet7
Kitchen Towels –

8. Reusable Bowl Covers

We usually use plastic wraps to cover open bowls in our fridge. There are replacements for that too now. Reusable bowl covers that fit over the open bowls are available in the market to allow people to indulge in sustainable products even more. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet8
Attractive Bowl Covers –

9. Reusable Produce Bags

Instead of buying the plastic bags provided at grocery stores, indulging in a couple of reusable produce bags is a better sustainable product. These can be taken for grocery hauls and used to store the produce in the fridge. It works well and eliminates the use of wasteful plastic bags. 

Reusable Produce Bags –

10. Reusable Travel Bottles | Sustainable Products

Instead of taking large shampoo and soap bottles while travelling, one can put these liquids in durable bottles. These bottles are an earth-friendly product that is made with silicon. These are also airplane-approved and safe for food. GoToob by HumanGear provides and produces a range of sustainable products. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet10
Reusable Travel Bottles –

11. By Humankind Shampoo

Nowadays, various beauty and skincare companies make sure that they produce sustainable products and prevent increasing their carbon footprint on the planet. Shampoos made by this company are eco-friendly and leave no trace of waste.

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet11
Vegan Shampoo Bars –

12. Spaghetti Scrubs

Cheap cookware scrubs are wasteful and have to be replaced every few days, especially if the grit on the utensils is heavy and takes a good scrub. In place of this one can buy Spaghetti scrubs made from cotton and dried corn cobs which gives the noodles a coarse texture. Being an all-natural product, it is a good alternative for all homes.

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet12
Reusable Kitchen Scrubs –

13. Purclean Plant-Based Laundry Detergent

Tide, one of the leading home soaps companies, has come out with their plant-based laundry detergent for trying to incorporate sustainability into their organisation. The product itself is made using plants and renewable energy – wind power – and it cleans well. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet13
Purclean Laungry Detergent –

14. Sort & Go Waste Bin

The waste bin mentioned helps in composting the products before they reach the landfill. This immensely helps the environment and the bin is Cradle to Cradle certified, which means it is one of the most useful sustainable products for your home, as it meets all environmental and social requirements across the sustainability categories. 

Sustainable Waste Bin –

15. Silicon Straw Lids | Sustainable Products

Companies make silicon straw and lid combinations to fit over various types of cups. As it is adjustable, it eliminates the use of plastic straws and lids and is safe for children to use. It is spill-proof and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Silicon Straws and Lids –

16. Reusable Cotton Swabs

These silicon swabs eliminate buying hundreds of old cotton swabs bought in a year. These can be used and washed immediately after to reuse again. These are better than purchasing use-and-throw. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet16
Silicon Ear Swabs –

17. Bee’s Wrap Food Wrap Pack

Plastic wrap to keep food fresh is not the best sustainable product that one can use. Instead, food wrap made from organic cotton and beeswax makes the wrapping more breathable and keeps the food fresher as compared to plastic wrap. It also reduces the strain on the planet and improves the environment. 

20 Sustainable Products for Home - Sheet17
Breathable Food Wrap –

18. Graphite Pencils

Being in the designing field, pencils for drawing, doodling, sketching are some of the basic things we need all the time. Sprout’s pencil sets are plantable pencils and available in graphite and colours. They are non-toxic pencils and used as regular ones. Once they are completely used, they can be turned upside down into the soil and the plant’s seeds are released from the caps into the soil. 


19. Solar Lantern

A completely safe, sustainable product to use, the solar lantern provides light easily and safely. It can be used for travelling, attached to a bike, hung around the neck, and is easily moveable. It works on sunlight. five hours of sunlight allows the lantern to work for seven hours while providing high illumination and twenty-four hours of low illumination.

Solar Lantern –

20. Natural Organic Mattress | Sustainable Products

Usually, mattresses used are not made from organic materials. However, Avocado Green Mattress made from latex, cotton and wool is different from the others. It is approved by various organisations as an earth-friendly product as the entire manufacturing process follows strict guidelines to achieve the end product. 

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Avocado Green Mattress –

These are the various types of sustainable products one can switch out in their home to live a better, healthier lifestyle and improve the surroundings they live in. Not only do sustainable products protect the environment, but also protect the people using them.


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