The pursuit of every race that originates on a microscopic level, enduring its sustenance and limiting to its competition ever since has surfaced from the need to provide and grip society to a monumental level. Every piece of work stands its gravity, holds the barrier for time being setting a trend for every passing generation. With changing years the manner of such dominant design faces a change in its environment. Time had to be vital, time had to be envious, it changed hands with it’s the generation before and pertains to do so. Architecture stood vital since Vitruvius had forged and posed the chief components in the architecture.

The Mobius Chair | Small Spaces

The factual description of every creator has been signed to its origin of work, some have a vast scope of corporal or concrete prescient, some are confined and adhered to space not more than a studio room. Creators of such kind have an expanse of imagination on their thoughts that are provoked and wild than any other passionate individual. This form of architecture has yet to be justified and cast into a genre. There are styles pertaining to symbolize harmony, depth and resourceful meaning but there are some that stand tall even after their purpose has been lost. 

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The Eiffel tower_

The Eiffel tower for an instance was a technological marvel in the time of 1889, the vast expanse of iron and steel were to be showcased at a world fair but soon to be decommissioned yet it substantiated the worth and still stands to this date. The reference of the Eiffel tower was just to set a popular example of how architecture emphasizes and influences the mass through its time, yet the idea of such a gigantic mass was developed in a small space of work desks and a heap of papers. Such attainment distinguishes common and uncommon individuals. The process of architecture that builds within you changes the perspective and visualization for mankind. It’s a mere plot on which we keep going, longing to the purpose and signify the made space in which we dwell, some relatable aspect is to change and some are to stay, it’s the designer’s point on which it stays prolonged.

The Application and Perseverance 

Rightfulness to the hour and interpretation behind every line can only be depicted through an architect’s vision on his or her design. The longing space between the drawing and its application follows several thoughts on how the project would respond to the space assigned, will it make a difference or will it be justified for the space it has made? Some unchanged questions have kept the architects and designers on their toes on account of this action. It’s the conscience that makes it through the process of predicament. A similar project was seen on Hudson yards in New York known to be as ‘The Vessel’. 

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick studios, the vessel stands 46-metres tall to create the public centrepiece, allowing the visitor to rise by flights and gaze through the city around it. Inspired by stepwells in India, but here ‘The Vessel’ went inverted up to soar in the sky. Its complex framework of steel and copper polished surfaces makes it stand out from the rest making it the centre of attraction.

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Similarly, when we see ‘Metrosol parasol’ by Jürgen Mayer, it creates a space as a public plaza for the narrowed street of Seville, the structure expanses horizontally, having timber as the base material it adds a palette to the cityscape, The parasol invites the pedestrian into its huge roof with facilities that provide different interactive spaces at intervals spaces such as an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols. It also allows an individual to have visual sight of the city around by elevating a roof track above the structure.

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Metrosol Parasol_

Such intricate designs had spent hours grinding on the table and thoughts were hurricane in the process. The constant roving from initial to the final moments of a well-planned architecture never ceases to rest, it’s an ongoing process even after it’s built. Its responsiveness to the surrounding is as important as to the people, neighbourhood and the city at times. Its identification proves the success rate of the design and the form of architecture.

To sum up, a design articulates the designer point to a very perfect analogy between the specifics of the use and his theorized concept behind it, architecture binds the trend and its supportive cause to the nature of its purpose. We’re experimenting with habitual places, glorifying the visual appearance to bring a change in urbanised and populated areas with the closely packed spaces there prevails an idea of Small spaces, Big minds.



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