WonderSCAPES is an arts and play-based environment at Young At Art Museum accompanying a certified preschool dedicated to early childhood development and early learners. In a creative and poetic collaboration with renown artist DeLoss McGraw, we designed WonderSCAPES to nurture and celebrate a child’s own role in learning and in mastering their environment.

Project Name: WonderSCAPES
Studio Name: Architecture Is Fun Inc
Davie, United States
Photography:  Doug Snower

WonderSCAPES By Architecture Is Fun, Inc - Sheet1
Play Room ©Doug Snower

In a composition of murals, pattern, and poetry, WonderSCAPES encourages young children to traverse artistic and exploratory domains contributing to learning and literacy. Alice’s Pool builds vocabulary in a mosaic water exhibit; The March Hare’s House & Tea Party convey the concept of scale; and Alice’s Reading Forest provides a soft-sculptured area for parents and children to socialize and share stories.

WonderSCAPES By Architecture Is Fun, Inc - Sheet2
Play Room ©Doug Snower

These flexible environments optimize programming, together acting as budding artist studio, accredited preschool, summer camp, and, on weekends, the WonderSCAPES birthday party room.

WonderSCAPES By Architecture Is Fun, Inc - Sheet3
Play Room ©Doug Snower

A magical aesthetic inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland aptly lends its themes of curiosity and discovery to the growth and identity of a child. WonderSCAPES is where imagination begins for the youngest of museum-goers.


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