Who would have thought that Hudson Valley holds one of the most precious and iconic architectural designs in New York? 

In the design industry, there are no boundaries for creativity. Knowing this, Aston Martin is one of the companies which applies these philosophies to their product design. Basically, it is known as the British independent company which designs luxury sports cars and grand tourers. More examples of the products that they design are boats and helicopters. Therefore, its trajectory in more than one hundred years in the design chas been a great experience in exploring new techniques and areas for creative interventions. One of its highlighted projects is James Bond’s car design related to automobile models from the fifties and sixties. The Motorcar company has expanded worldwide and has impacted automobile design and its presence in the market.

A luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York for $10.8million! designed by Aston Martin
Architectural Design ©News Break
A luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York for $10.8million! designed by Aston Martin- sheet2
Exterior intervention ©Yanco Design

Now, you might be thinking, what does it have to do with architecture? As part of the philosophies of pushing their boundaries to design new products, one of the new projects of Aston Martin has been to be involved in the construction industry. One of their last projects consisted of designing a luxury private residence in Hudson Valley. Moreover, Hudson Valley is a region that is considered the state capital of New York State; it mainly covers the region from Hudson, representing the part from Albany to Westchester County. As a result, Hudson Valley is the site for one of Aston Martin’s sleekest designs. The final architectural project was a project in which Aston Martin collaborated with S3 Architecture- an architectural firm that focuses on sustainable architecture. The firm is renowned for architectural designs that incorporate urban principles and exceptional interiors. In addition, S3 Architecture’s areas of intervention are not limited. They have design commercial, entertainment, educational, hospitality, and residential projects around New York State. Knowing the great trajectory of the architectural firm and the automobile company, they have decided to partner and create Sylvan Rock. The project is a complex composition that serves as a home to a 55-acre private property. One of the most important sire features is its picturesque landscape that is embellished with natural topographic formations and various tree species. Finally, the Sylvan Rock project retakes the best professional and design qualities of S3 Architecture and Aston Martin designs a luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York.

A luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York for $10.8million! designed by Aston Martin- sheet3
Architectural Intervention ©News Break

The Sylvan Rock is an architectural example which retakes materials, techniques, and ecological methods to propose an architectural sustainable solution to the client. In fact, it was one of the most important aspects of this project. Basically, the inspiration for the complex form of the project was the site itself. The intervention was influenced by geological rock formation, and it mimics its natural gestures. Furthermore, the materiality used for the Sylvan Rock project was blackened cedar and glass, and the mace covers 5,983 square feet. Its programs are organized into four bedrooms with its four bathrooms. A few half baths and part of Aston Martin’s intervention was to display a car gallery garage with three automobiles. On top of all these incredibly designed spaces, the project includes exceptional areas for the resident’s guest. The flexible area is a few multi-functional guest house pods that are part of a spatial exploration with the Sylvan Rock. Adjacent spaces are designed based on healthy environments; those spaces are a homeschool area, college retreat, home spa, agricultural, and a treehouse. At the end of the day, the luxury residents look to explore space and program. This project’s vision was to design an exceptional private residence which design organically creates architecture.

A luxury, sustainable, private residence in New York for $10.8million! designed by Aston Martin- sheet4
Interiors ©Yanco Design

As a result, the Aston Martin and S3 Architecture partnered to design one of the most creative private luxury residences in New York’s Hudson Valley. The Sylvan Rock is a door opened for Aston Martin in the construction industry, and it dominates the architectural experience that works today for 10.8 million dollars. In addition, the Sylvan Rock is a project which explores intricate forms and plays with textures. Moreover, the project retakes the site’s picturesque qualities, and it transforms it into architectural ideas and retakes the importance of space to create healthy environments. The Sylvan Rock dominates the organic architectural intervention, and it creates a micro compound of a luxury residence. As a result, the project generated is an incredible example of a private residence in the twenty-first century and the new modalities of design companies in the industry. 


Andreina Sojo comes from Caracas, Venezuela. Seeking for higher education, Andreina studied in Broward College, Florida, and Seville, Spain as a recipient of the William E. Green Scholarship. Andreina graduated with honors, and she transferred to the University of Florida to complete her Bachelor's in Architecture and Minor in Landscape Architecture.

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