Architectural Design is very subjective. The more you explore, experiment, and analyze, the more creative and inspiring the designs come out to be. Many young aspiring Indian firms are trying out innovative ideas in the field of architecture to bring out unique designs. Their work not only makes us curious but also motivates all the young architects to create groundbreaking designs in the field of architecture. All we need to do is to sit back and read about some of their best works mentioned in this article and know about them.

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1. Purple Studio, New Delhi

The purple studio is a young architecture firm based in New Delhi, India. It was co-founded by Deepti Bansal & Joaquim Rodrigues in 2014. The Studio has architectural & Interior projects spread across Delhi, Goa, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon & Faridabad. They believe in planning and designing practical buildings with people in mind and their design motto is to create solutions without compromising the integrity of materials while respecting the environment and achieving the functional needs with playful experimentation. 

The project-RSA Residence is a private residential project in Faridabad. The hallmark of this design project is natural light and ventilation. For the exterior, the material palette is a harmonious blend of unsophisticated materials and technology. Materials included local limestone, natural wood, granite, and metal. Granite of different finishes is put together to articulate the backlit textured boundary wall.

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RSA Residence ©

2. Studio Nishita Kamdar, Mumbai

Studio Nishita Kamdar is an award-winning multidisciplinary design practice, started in Mumbai in November 2014. Every project here is designed with an extremely passionate eye. The studio believes in the simplicity of their designs and creates beautiful complex spaces appealing to its social and physical context. 

The firm explores materials and designs that have meaning or some sort of natural context behind them. They create spaces that are multi-functional, high on utility, and sensitive to the requirements of the end-user. They believe that “Architecture should indeed not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful and appeal to the other senses of the human being.” (

The project- Mindtickle Office is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

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The idea of open plan office was executed by tearing down literal barriers(walls). The thought behind this was that creativity and productivity would skyrocket and the colleague to “eavesdrop” and “interfere” and come up with healthy discussions and ideas.

The layout in this project plays a major role, it being a large free open plan, with the introduction of the “Glass Box”, housing the conference room and idea room, which is the only built space on the floor plate. The black tiled flooring and dark ceiling help in accentuating the pops of orange, which is the company’s brand color, and even control the excessive daylight flooding in from all four sides.

​There are a variety of workstations that ensure that one has the flexibility to plug-in from anywhere in the office without having a fixed designated space.

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10 Young Indian firms to look out for - SHeet3

3. KBA Studio, Ahmedabad

KBA Studio works in the field of Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, and Public Spaces to create buildings that work well on every level, internally and externally.

The firm is based in Ahmedabad and founded by Architect Kartik Bijlani in 2008. The specialization field of KBA is in architecture and interior designing of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Keeping in mind the socio-economic impact on the community and environment, the firm also designs public spaces and master-planning exercises 

The firm focuses on creating forms and spaces by constantly exploring new materials as well as new ways of using existing materials. KBA Studio focuses on creating truly unique, contemporary, and modern designs.

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Patel residence- Individual Residence for Kameshwar Group. Contemporary design with an attempt to create climate responsive sustainable design. The bold intersection of tending cantilever forms enact the play of internal built volumes. ©Facebook

4. VH design Studio

VH designsstudio is a multi-disciplinary design firm in Ahmedabad. The firm focuses on client sensitive designs in terms of identity, function, cost, and time.

They have a sustainable design and eco-friendly approach. They strive to find a balance between function and form by exploring the local and regional context, corporate culture, and branch on each design.

The project- The Centre of Excellence (COE) forms a semi-government building established in Vatva GIDC, is designed to functionalize, serving the purpose of both institutional & Industrial requirements like conferences, training, cultural programs, etc. It uses passive techniques used for lower energy consumption or heat gain

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Concrete muse, Ahmedabad. ©

5. Design Matters, Bengaluru

The firm Design Matters by Kiran Hanumaiah was started in 2012.

Design matters have designed a wide variety of projects-residences, apartments, resorts, schools, residential interiors-all with the single-minded emphasis on making the design matter.

The design philosophy of the firm lies in the fact that a good design has to be functional, taking care of clients’ requirements, enabling efficient circulation, and creating an environment of ample light and ventilation. Emphasis is given on making design holistic, contextual, and environment friendly.

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SNN Clermont-1, Ultra Luxury Apartment in Hebbal, North Bengaluru ©

6. Blueprint Architects, Bangalore.

Launched in 2015 by young Bangalorean architects, Nikhil Cariappa and Azeez Izzy the company strives to give utmost importance to the client and their needs. This relationship helps them to bring the best in architecture and interior design whilst retaining their sensibilities. 

The firm tends to draw towards a minimalist approach to create a design that is bespoke but yet stresses maximum functionality.

The project- The little box cafe: The place conceptually is a small cafe to grab a quick bite but at the same time sheltering you from the harsh conditions outside.

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The concept of this place was to enter at one end of the portal, have seating on either side, and a walkway in the center that leads you to the display and cashier at the other end of the portal. This simplicity in the design made it easy to get in the space to grab a coffee or muffin or to just take a seat.

An extruded wooden portal with gaps to let light and ventilation through form the screen and a green roof along with comfortable seating give you a level of privacy and still maintain visual connection with the world outside. 

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7. Ignitus Architectural Studio, Ahmedabad.

The firm was established in 2011, by Chirag Patel, and specializes in the core functionalities of architecture, landscape design, interior design, and furniture design. Over the short span of three years, its multifarious vision has cultivated a strong base for its expansive range of projects, from the quintessential scale of an individual residence and housing scheme to the broad program of a multispecialty hospital. The studio’s work is principled by its values, beliefs, and interpersonal relationships that develop in the course of practice, within this diverse spectrum of projects. 

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The firm’s outlook is oriented toward a customer-centric design practice enhanced by the sensitivity & effectuality of their conduct. The key focuses of their design evolve as efficient project management, skill resources, and the clarity of ideas. Rooted in these factors, their design philosophy emanates simplicity, modernity, and imbibes a holistic attitude toward aesthetic value.

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Lopez House, Ahmedabad ©

8. HGCG Architects

A very young dynamic studio where work life and inspiration are equal and integrated organically. The firm design with belief that process and coloration should be as fun and exciting as the result. Their core strength lies in understanding the requirements of the client thoroughly, the key issues, and how to generate concepts inline with their vision. The firm is headed by Harsh Gupta and Chhavi Garg. 

The Project- Iscon Platinum- has a concept of merging the two complementing personalities – of a socially active homely artistic soul and a calm, compassionate mind. The result of which is a vibrant colorful home with handmade art by one and a contemporary minimalistic home with elegance spaces for the other.           

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9. ABM Architects, Mumbai    

ABM Architects is a Mumbai based Architecture & Interior Design Firm, co-founded by Alfaz Miller. The wide experience of ABM spans major institutional and corporate projects, private buildings, offices, airports, hotels, health, residential spaces, heritage, and conservation work. The approach of the firm focuses on understanding the requirements of the clients along with the detailed development of the design. The design integration with engineering principles and efficient execution plays an important role in the firm.                                                    

The project- Jindal house in Vasind, Maharashtra has an unconventional free-flowing plan with external and internal open spaces intertwined with the fully and partially enclosed spaces. The design is that of a tropical house with open sit-outs verandas and decks. Jindal House, Vasind

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Courtyard view ©

10. RWAMP STUDIO, Mumbai

It is a multidisciplinary design practice located in Mumbai. By the careful analysis of contemporary life and its challenges, the architects make the design emerge out. They believe that architectural design comes into existence not only by an individual or team but also by the careful layering of its context, culture, and nature. 

The Project- Sustainable Resort. The context shines through the simple architecture, all spaces have large openings that overlook the mountains and the material palette comes from the textures of nature that surround the project. The two typology villas symbolize a sensitive coexistence with nature in two different ways.

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An Eco-Friendly resort with villas, located amidst lush green mountains on all sides ©

Diksha is an architecture graduate from Nirma University, 2020. Being an avid traveler, she has always tried to connect the city's culture with architecture. She is a keen observer, finds inspiration from unexplored places and believes that true essence of architecture lies in its execution (form generation) and user experience.

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