The ‘tower of tables’ proposed by Serie Architects, the firm has an innovative approach to the structural concept in response to the drastic climatic change. The climate is changing rigorously and architectures should change too, to cope up with the changing climate and also to help lessen the damage. The proposal proposed by Serie Architects will pave the way for other Architectural firms to build contemporary workspaces that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Project Information: 

Location: Singapore
Year: 2019
Status: Invited Competition, Runner-up
Use: Commercial
Area: 75,000 Sqm
Architect: Serie Architects
Collaborating Architect: Multiply Architects
Executive Architect: Architects 61
Structural Engineer: Akt Ii
Executive Structural Engineer: Beca Carter
Climate Engineer: Transsolar
Façade Engineering: Inhabit
MEP: Aecom

The main intent of this project by Serie Architects is to reduce carbon emissions by putting the main focus on the construction, consumption of energy, and generation of energy. According to the design team of this inspiring project, there will be a reduction in carbon emission by over 60% per m2 by utilizing the above mentioned three strategies together, and also the total carbon emission will be reduced by 50% with mass-engineered timber (MET).

By the replacement of four intermediate floors with MET floor plates can result in a carbon-neutral high rise, said the architects. This project will also help in reducing the electrical energy demands of the office spaces by 30% with innovative comfort and energy design and 20% of the building’s electrical energy demand will be covered up by photovoltaics on the site.

The elevation of this contemporary tower represents a series of blocks placed one upon another. Each block has six or four compartments for communities as a workspace surrounded by landscaped terraces that supports bio-diversity and filters air pollution.

The landscape terraces would act as an additional outdoor space for lounging, dining, and also entertainment. The tower is complemented by a flexible podium with four circular pavilions and a central courtyard in the middle which will also act as a recreational space.

Tower of Tables proposed by Serie Architects in response to climatic challenges of Singapore - Sheet3
Elevation of the innovative tower ©

According to the architects of the ‘tower of tables’ the materials used for the structural core of each pavilion is steel while hybrid steel and timber are used for the intermediate floors and replacement of MET floorplates will help in reducing the carbon emission.

Tower of Tables proposed by Serie Architects in response to climatic challenges of Singapore - Sheet1
Creating an informal contemporary workspace with sustainable design ©

The tower is designed in such a way that it maximizes daylight while reducing solar heat gain and glare. Also, the design rejects the conventional air conditioning system and makes the building energy efficient with the help of an ‘adaptive cooling’ system. The design focuses more on energy production and reduces energy consumption, with the help of photovoltaics placed on rooftops and the lamella of the building which shades the building, 20% of the total electrical energy will be harvested on the site and compared to the typical building of the same size there will be a reduction of 50% electrical energy use.

Tower of Tables proposed by Serie Architects in response to climatic challenges of Singapore - Sheet2
The interior gives a sense of relaxation ©

The project by Serie Architects has reached a new horizon in the designing contemporary workspaces which focus not just only on the way of workflow but also focus on green building designing which is much needed for the situation with climate change in the rise. Also, the attention given to creating an informal creative workspace is very much inspiring and will help in building a new trend, spaces like this are very much needed because it helps in maintaining a healthy mental state and also increases the productivity and creativity of the people occupying the space.


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