The five-year architecture course promises many alternative career opportunities for an architect. Many graduates confuse themselves where to start or choose a different path due to their reasons. Our architecture degree helped us develop creative, visual, practical, and design skills that can be used in other fields also. The theory of design alone is practiced in many other creative fields.

Mentioned below are some of the most commonly chosen career pathways involving a bigger scale of architecture, design, and art involving a smaller scale with great detail practices.

1. Urban planner (M.Arch UD)

Soon after the industrial revolution and world wars, the importance of urban design was drastically changed. While the population rapidly grows with urban areas, the quality of living has to be ensured. Urban city plans are updated and improved with intervals to meet the needs of the dynamic urban environment. It involves a large scale manner requiring problem-solving skills and creativity at the same time.

2. Landscape architect

People who are interested in environmental restoration, creating recreational areas, stormwater management, and environmental conservation can opt-in through this pathway. It not only includes designing outdoor landscapes but also includes infrastructure, public areas, agriculture, and forestry while creating bonding between urban and rural spaces and takes responsibility for globalization and climate change.

3. Restoration architect

If you are a person interested in the history of architecture and maintaining heritage, then this career option is well suited for you. Conservation and restoration will play a vital responsibility in this career while keeping in mind not to change the original essence of it; a promising career while monuments are restored and preserved continuously by the government.

4. Town Planner (M.Plan)

Development, regeneration, and sustainability are the key roles for the town planner. The town planner must be a socially well-connected person as it involves emotion, economy involving large, diverge scales of population.

5. Interior designer

Architects generally have a keen sense of design on every scale possible. Architecture and interior design is the best combination of qualification and needs a more organized planning mind to survive. Interior design comes after major planning is done and it opens out great responsibility and important processes in the construction process.

6. Artist

In history, there are many architects turned into an artist and vice-versa. While architecture involves art and function bonded together while an artist’s works revolve around art, sculpture, spatial experiences rather than concentrating on functionality.

7. Research architect

Advancement in computer and technology made a lot of improvements in the field of architecture. Building Information Modeling (BIM), computational design, and many other advanced tools are existing and many more tools enhance practicing architecture to the next level while giving more design options and also cutting down manpower to a greater extent.

8. Building surveyor

Building surveyor jobs are related to conserving, modifying, fixing, renovating, and restoration of existing buildings, structures involving different and apt methods for each work. It requires immense experience and material knowledge is recommended.

9. Structural engineer

People who are good at problem-solving and aesthetic minds can opt-in as a structural engineer. While having an undergraduate degree in architecture and having a master’s in structural engineering degree, the demand for such qualification is well appreciated in the field. Involving mathematics and engineering, designing structures becomes a major role in this practice.

10. Extreme architect

Since scientists discovered global warming and climatic changes, extreme weather conditions are increasingly noted. Being an extreme architect involves designing in extreme weather conditions as nature has diverse unpredicted plans. Shortly, tackling these types of design problems is to happen continuously and the need for such practice is much demanded.

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11. Industrial/Product designer

As the name pertains, the practice focuses on the smaller-scale design of mass production involving large production of products. It suits the need for products in a large scale manner which greatly involves small alternatives. Innovative products in the industry greatly show interest among people which are then manufactured in large numbers. It also includes toy designing which alone can be considered as a separate career option.

12. Furniture designer

Many consider this practice as an underrated one but it also meets the existing demand in the market. Several architects have designed furniture for their projects while some became full-time furniture designers too.

13. Graphic designer

Since architects have good creative minds this career well suits people who are good in infographics, visual communication, and related works. Though the course is a small supplement, it opens up wide opportunities in this digital world.

14. Fashion designer

Institutions like NIFT offer master courses for fashion design, which can be opted when you have an architecture undergraduate degree. It requires a fashion sense of color, tactility, construction, patterns, and forms; sure you must have heard these terms in the first year of architecture. While architecture and fashion design share many similarities, it will not be a difficult step to cope in.

15. Video game designer

Architecture is well appreciated and a needed sense in-game design platforms. Designing a virtual world is always interesting since it allows our imagination to expand, well not considering gravity in some cases, it is considered a more fun and interesting career one can proceed with.

16. Photographer

Capturing a moment is delightful. Architecture photography is becoming popular as everyone has a camera in their hands and the need for talent demands a good sense of photogenic mind. Workshops and many online classes are available for becoming a professional photographer.

17. Production designer

As you are already an architect, handling projects is not a hard job at all. Television, film industries, theatre sets involve a lot of stage creations and design sets, production designers come handy. They take part in designing, managing every stage of construction while accounting for appropriate costs. A strong accounting and creative mind can shine easily.

18. Professor

Teaching careers are increasingly seen in young architects today. Few take up part-time or visiting faculty kinds of teaching jobs as they find time to practice architecture in their other time. This career can promise steady money to help initial years of practice. Teaching is a two-way road, where both teachers and students learn from each other.

19. Entrepreneur

When you excel in every aspect of practicing as an architect, entrepreneur skills are well developed. These skills such as problem-solving, creative thinking, persuasion, and communication skills develop people to be successful entrepreneurs. Indian industrialist Ratan Tata holds a degree in architecture, stands a perfect example.

20. Writer

People who are good at language, communication skills, and literature, writing and journalism can suit. In this digital world, words can travel faster and it creates a different experience for readers. Many architects are good in words where they influence people through words, creating blogs, books, journals, and other means of writing.

21. Politician

Architecture creates good communication, understanding people and the environment, and urges to influence people. These skills can be utilized to become a successful politician. Architects like Anders Adlercreutz, Richard Rogers do better serve as politicians also.

The mentioned careers are commonly seen as choices; there are so many other feasible fields where an architect can blossom. The term architecture gives rise to many professional choices as it circles a lot of money-making skills.


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