In these difficult times of the Covid-19 outbreak, every industry is compelled to function remotely from home. Slowly, we all are adapting to the new normal conditions to resume the work. For the profession of Architecture and Design, working from home is not only a new concept but also a challenging one. In such a scenario, working digitally plays a very crucial role to collaborate, present, and explain the work amongst peers, customers, clients, etc. We can also take up this situation as a challenge to explore new possibilities to enhance skills, knowledge, and development. This essay discusses the evolution of Architectural presentation techniques in this pandemic situation.

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In this creative field, there have been numerous ways of communicating or expressing the ideas which have evolved over a span of time. The representation of an idea plays a vital role in convincing the audience for a future proposal of a built form. It becomes very important to make efficient use of software and technology because it is the only tool that acts as a savior in this lockdown to make communication convenient as well as faster. Here are the Five Pillars that will play an important role in changing the Architectural Presentation techniques not only for professionals but also for academicians, students, and service providers. The Presentation techniques here include graphical representation as well as communicating and managing architectural aspects in all the ways.

The Data Management

Data management becomes very crucial while working remotely as all the work should be accessible with required data security. The cloud-based services offered by many design systems like Autodesk BIM 360 and Graphisoft BIM cloud are indeed helpful. Along with these, adapting a digital way to conduct the creative process is very important with shared cloud storage on Dropbox and Google Drive.

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Making Drawings

The drawings are made digitally for a long time, but conceptual sketches and the communication of those ideas are still preferred to be done in person and manually. Developing an idea requires doodling, tracing, and brainstorming. Morpholio apps come along with optimum functions to carry out this phase of conceptualization. Trace and Board Apps by Morpholio allows architects to sketch, design, and present ideas to the clients as well as colleagues. Also, here is the list of Apps that are helpful to the architects.

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Erecting Models

In Architecture, models are a brilliant way of exploring design and representing the same. Physical models have been a great hands-on experience with the design while 3D virtual models help in detailing the most interior parts too. BIM Softwares comes with a unique feature of Virtual Reality (VR) wherein one can experience every corner of the model.

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“As an immersive technology, it will transport users into a fully interactive 3D environment, allowing them to explore a virtual representation of a particular room, floor, or building design as a whole”

While working from home, a walkthrough video from VR can give a real life-like experience to the user as well as the designer.

Conducting Meetings

When the work is done remotely, it becomes necessary to establish a communication channel to hold meetings and discuss the work done. Platforms like Google meet, Zoom provides a good medium to the users when it comes to virtual meetings. These platforms provide services like sharing the screen, recording the meeting, blank board to make notes, and also a chatbox to communicate fluently. A step further, Microsoft Teams not only provide a platform to conduct a virtual meeting but also allows us to assign tasks to the teammates and work together simultaneously on the software itself. It also helps in maintaining a calendar of the work done and upcoming meetings.

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Organizing Seminars

Seminars are now Webinars. This Pandemic situation has opened many doors of opportunities for students and professionals. Geographical boundaries are no more a constraint for knowledge seekers. A wide range of Online courses is conducted all over the world by popular universities along with very informative webinars on various subjects. Here is a list of free online courses available for all on various subjects;

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Apart from these five pillars, there are many other things that one can explore in the field of architecture. They can be listed as – listening to online podcasts, TEDtalks, interviews; Taking a virtual tour of world-famous museums; Learning new software and skills.

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Jhanavi is an architecture graduate from Nirma University in 2019 with the best awarded Research Thesis on Architectural Response to Waterfronts. Jhanavi is an Associate Architect at JCE, Ahmedabad and also recipient of research grant for the research of “Women in Architecture” from EDRC. She is a keen observer, who loves to translate the minute details into words.

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