We are well aware for the fact that a pandemic has risen and taken hold of every aspect of life, it is definitive that the pandemic will be over soon but has forced us to realize the fundamental flaws in our lifestyle and attitude towards being a socially responsible citizen and it is said that the post-pandemic era will change everything, including the basis of how we understood and designed space and order especially for outdoor community spaces. 

Landscape architecture has the potential to solve both social and environmental issues and especially during the times of this pandemic should be taken upon at the forefront to pool in its knowledge and resources to discover ways through which we can rethink and redesign public & private spaces in the post-pandemic era, as through these experiences we have finally acknowledged the necessity and the imminent need which can’t be further delayed. 

Landscape architecture equips one with the appropriate skill to make a space more aesthetically pleasing and healthier with perfectly blended nature for every scale of use, from the balcony of multi-storey flats to the lawns of bungalows making communities feel assured for their safety and the ones they love both physically and emotionally.

Long distances starts with a single step so we will look upon some of the easy to grow house plants which have numerous benefits that will protect you from harm by keeping diseases at bay: –


An evergreen plant which grows through spores and doesn’t have seeds. They can grow up to 1-3 ft and can be grown inside and outside, known for their air-purifying quality by removing harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. They also increase the moisture content in the air and are extremely beneficial for people with dry skin or throat. These plants needed moist soil and best grew between temperature 20-25 degrees celsius.  


2. Aloe Vera 

This succulent plant gives your home a stylish and aesthetic appeal with numerous health benefits including purification of air by removing pollutants such as benzene or formaldehyde coming from household products and its leaves contains an anti-bacterial gel used for treating many wounds and has skincare properties against dry skin and sunburn. The plants grow mostly in tropical areas and thrive in bright sunlight.

Aloe Vera 

3. Peace Lily 

It is an extremely beautiful plant which will exponentially increase the aesthetic appeal of your place, should be kept anywhere with high moisture content such as kitchen and bathroom, it will decrease the level of mold spores by using it as food component and can purify extremely harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, it is a tropical plant and needs low to medium sunlight with water needs depending upon the temperature of the room.

Peace Lily 

4. Golden Pothos 

These Plants are ideals for those who like to work in front of the screen for long hours and are not the caring type as they require the least attention and can be grown by a beginner, they are good air purifiers and increase moisture content in air which helps in easing eye irritation, they require least of sunlight but can be a great source of energy as per the theory of Feng Shui and have calming effects on people hence perfect of patients. 

Golden Pothos 

5. Snake Plant 

This is another succulent plant that also thrives when neglected also known as Mother in law’s Tongue, one can only assume the relationship between the names. The plant grows up to 2 meters in height and is the best when it comes to air purification and absorbing toxins, it also helps as a stress-relieving component of the house and requires least sunlight and water.

Snake Plant 

6. English Ivy 

Mostly found as ground covers these ornamental plants are also climbers known for its evergreen appearance, they are considered one of the most healthy home plants by NASA for its air purifying properties they are also used by herbalist as they are used in curing various respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and COPD. They can be grown in low light areas where the presence of moisture levels are high. 

English Ivy 

7. Rubber Plants 

These evergreen plants are native to India and are easy to grow as they require less light and can withstand long dry periods, with the right condition and care, can grow up to 8ft, known for numerous health benefits as it works as an antibacterial plant and can remove up to 50-60% of bacteria in the air also the leaves of the plant can break down harmful chemicals into harmless components. 

Rubber Plants 

8. Mass Cane Plant 

This is a slow-growing easy to maintain plant which is very inexpensive but has many health benefits and can be a perfect fit for indoors. It is regarded as the best against the presence of formaldehyde and purifies the air quality while looking attractive at the same time. 

Mass Cane Plant 

9. Bamboo Palm

This is also famous by the name of parlor palm and is perfect for those who want to have a tropical appearance and improve air quality at the same time as they are great for airborne chemicals, it grows well under low light and requires an appropriate amount of water can grow up to 12 ft.    

Bamboo Palm

10. Pineapple Plant 

What if there is a plant that not only protects you from outer diseases but also helps in your inner ailment such as snoring, yes NASA scientists have confirmed in a study that keeping a pineapple plant in the bedroom can significantly improve not just the air quality but the oxygen amount in the surrounding helping you breathe better, they require plenty of sunshine and water to glow and must be maintained for a full growth. 

Pineapple Plant 

Now, that you have looked upon the best available options you can decide depending on your convenience and experience which of these would you like to be on your desk or balcony and believe me it will be one of the best nurturing and fruitful experience you will ever have as these plants will work wonders for you but do keep in mind that in the end, it is in your wisdom and awareness that will protect and keep you and your home safe. 

So, next time when you get a house plant make sure to include the following plants as they not only add a green corner in your house but at the same time keeps the diseases at bay!