11. New York

In New York, you can see a rare scene in which only a street separating the busy Manhattan with the chilling Central Park. The sudden transition from a concrete-filled city to the wild-like park would be a feast for the eyes!

New York - Sheet1
a street separating Manhattan with Central Park ©Jerry Trudell
New York - Sheet2
A street separating Manhattan with Central Park ©thebusinessjournals.com

12. Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas is a city of wonder. It was built in a desert from the ground up. There are many replicas of landmarks from other cities, such as the Eiffel tower from France and channels and Gondola ships from Venice.

Las Vegas
City of Las Vegas ©renogazettejournal.com

13. Tokyo

As the capital of Japan, Tokyo has a lot of modernist architecture. The famous Tokyo Tower would be one of them. National Gymnasium for Tokyo Olympics, Yasuyo Building, etc. Numerous breath-taking architectures are waiting for you to discover!

Tokyo Tower ©arcspace.com
National Gymnasium ©arcspace.com
Yasuyo Building ©arcspace.com

14. Amsterdam

A city that is full of canals, with more than 100 kilometers of canals cutting through the city center. At the two-sides of the canals are some of the very recognizable thin and tall houses.

Houses by the harbor of Amsterdam ©Alamy

15. Vienna

Vienna is called the capital of music and is a historic city that recorded the change of Europe. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a gothic style cathedral built in the 12th century, resembles the classical side of the city. On the other hand, the campus of the University of Economics and Business would be the modern side of Vienna.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral ©Peter Rigaud
campus of the University of Economics and Business ©Christian Stemper

16. Venice

Venice being the trading center of Europe for hundreds of years, there are different styles of architecture. St Mark’s Basilica is a cathedral in which the style was heavily influenced by the Byzantine Islamic culture. While Palazzo Pesaro Orfei represented the Italian Gothic style of architecture in Venice.

St Mark’s Basilica ©klook.com
Palazzo Pesaro Orfei ©inexhibit.com

17. Berlin

Berlin is renowned for its Brandenburg Gate, the city’s first Neoclassical structure. Besides, as the city is currently rebuilding itself, postmodern designs can also be found.

Brandenburg Gate ©curbed.com
3XN ©worldarchitecture.org

18. Milan

Milan is a city full of great architecture, museums, and trendy malls. It is also the home of the Gothic cathedral – Duomo. The Architecture of Milan is straightforward and is readable as they consist of repetitive features. A photo right in front of a building can picture the power of repetition!

Duomo di Milano ©architecturaldigest.com
Museo del Novecento ©architecturaldigest.com

19. Vancouver

Being the most densely populated city of Canada, Vancouver is characterized by high-rise residential and mixed-use development in urban centers. You can see a mix between high rise residential towers, commercial buildings, and recreational space and green parks, which is unique in North America!

City of Vancouver © David G. Gordon

20. Florence

Florence, as the birthplace of the style of Italian Renaissance architecture, held numerous famous Italian Renaissance buildings, such as Florence Cathedral, Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, and Ponte Vecchio.

Florence - Sheet1
Florence Cathedral ©sailko
Florence - Sheet2
Basilica of Santa Maria ©Wikipedia.org
Florence - Sheet3
Novella and Ponte Vecchio ©Wikipedia.org


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