Photography is a universal language in architecture. Most architectural photographers spend their lives traveling around the world. But have you ever wondered what cities might appear on an architectural photographer’s bucket list?

Here are 20 cities that are frequently visited by architectural photographers! (Let me know if you have any other suggestions!)

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city filled with cranes, bamboo scaffoldings, and densely packed skyscrapers that reside next to the harbor. It is worth paying a visit to Hong Kong for a snap of its concrete jungle!

Hong Kong - Sheet1
Densely packed buildings in Hong Kong ©Peter Stewards

2. Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China as well as the venue of the 2008 Olympics. This city is a place where you can capture architectural masterpieces ranging from ancient timber buildings to modern sports centers!

Beijing - Sheet1
The Forbidden City in Beijing ©
Beijing - Sheet2
Beijing Olympic Park ©

3. Chicago

Chicago is where Frank Lloyd Wright, a legend of architecture, was born and raised in the late 1800s. Not only will you be able to find Frank’s Robie House, but also a lot of modern architecture among the hustle and bustle of the city.

Chicago - Sheet1
Architecture at Chicago ©
Chicago - Sheet2
Robie House ©

4. Egypt

Egypt is a place where photographers can find stunning solid mass, the oldest expression of the monumental form of architecture. The huge forms standing on flatlands are the iconic feature of the city.

Egypt - Sheet1
The Pyramid ©
Egypt - Sheet2
The Egyptian Obelisk ©

5. Shanghai

Shanghai is a city next to the harbor of China, where skyscrapers of different heights and forms articulate with each other. Taking a shot of the harbor of Shanghai is the reason why photographers travel to the city.

Coastline of Shanghai ©

6. Moscow

Moscow in Russia is a city full of colors and fantasy. In this city, you will see classic cathedrals painted with multiple colors, and perhaps it is one of the most colorful cities in the world. Taking photographs of the city is like capturing a picture of a fairy tale.

St Basil’s Cathedral ©

7. Athens

Athens is famous for its historical buildings, such as the Acropolis. A picture of all stone columns stretching towards the sky is breathtaking, it is like time-traveling back to the ancient times of Greece.

Athens - Sheet
Parthenon in Acropolis ©

8. London

You will find the merger between modern and ancient architecture within the city that has thousands of years of history. The magnificent skyscraper with its modern minimalistic design contrasting with the Victorian Gothic style old buildings.

street view of London ©

9. Paris

Paris is where the milestone of architecture can be found – Villa Savoye. Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, and Palace of Versailles! They are the three most iconic architectures in France from the three most iconic periods of France!

Palace of Versailles ©
Eiffel Tower ©french
Louvre Museum ©Maartje Hensen

10. Singapore

You must have seen the Marina Bay Sands before! It is the triple tower that is the landmark of Singapore. Located at the Downtown core of Singapore, where all other famous Singapore architectures are located.

Marina Bay Sands © 
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Josephine Pun is a student who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Being a storyteller, journal and photography are channels that she uses to express her unique perception of architecture. Read her articles and experience architecture without leaving your couch!