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Set designing is better known as art direction in today’s time. The reason being, the profession needs creativity and a sense of art first and then the technicalities of the field. Architecture, interior designing, and arts emulsify together to result in a good set design.

Path To Art Direction

For an architecture undergraduate to become a creative designer, exposure to cinema architecture, work methodology, internships under associate directors, screenplay writers, cinematographers, and other people related to the field, are all different ways to get familiar with the field. And since architects don’t have an entire art background, associating themselves with the movie directing and theatre realm would help them land a better job in the industry. The difference between architecture and creative directing is the ageing of their structures. Architects design structures and interior spaces that last for years. In the set designing industry, the designer must keep in mind that the set is only kept for a short time span, maybe even less than a day. It does not emphasize on the whole, its scope is limited to the frame and shots.

Specializing in art direction does not need to be completely independent. There are different courses and institutions that aid students interested in becoming a set designing. Some institutions providing the course for this would be :

1. National Institute Of Design, Ahmedabad | Set designing

The NID offers courses such as bachelors in film and video communication where students are taught to become versatile design informed communicators, fluent in the conception and production of short films on a range of educational, cultural, social, entertainment and marketing communication needs and animation film design which focuses more on the cartoon, comic and storyboarding.

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2. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune

Students learn the basics of film technique and develop a better understanding of the film-making process by participating in the common module, after which the specialization begins. Theory and practical work include storyboarding, design principles for moving images, set design, costume, and property to suit the narrative. The study of various software used for drafting, designing, and effects, virtual set designing, etc. Occurs concomitantly in theory classes and practicals.

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3. Whistling Woods Institution – BSC / BA In Filmmaking With Specialisation

The objective of this 3-year, 6-semester program is to create complete filmmaking professionals. Over the program of their study, students will have classes in the theory of filmmaking and its various specializations along with hands-on practical instruction. This learning leads to multiple projects during the program – some individual and many in groups. Students are also introduced to the works of master filmmakers through screenings and analyses. Frequent Master Classes by practicing filmmakers round out their learning.

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4. Ramesh Sippy Academy of Cinema and Entertainment, Mumbai

The aim of the course is to develop the base of students in Filmmaking and further take them to the in-depth real-life scenario in film production. Our well-structured programme covers both technical and theoretical aspects related to the film. Technical aspects include understanding classical narrative structure, multi-camera filming, and digital editing, etc. The theory aspects include filmmaking, history of Indian cinema and world cinema, media history, communication, and social science.

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5. Aditya College of Design Studies – Set Design

This new set designing course in Mumbai foresees the future prospects of it. In this course you will learn about elements of design, estimating & costing, model making, and designing of sets along with practical training. It is one of the most comprehensive stage design courses in Mumbai offered by Aditya College of design studies.

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