We feel the mind-numbing presence of the technological revolution that has taken over the world by surprise since the birth of this millennium, every minute of every day from the products we use to the big systems that make up our country’s infrastructure. The digital age was born out of this revolution, as an integral part of it, after the introduction of the internet. The impacts are being reflected in our professions too, and it is has become most visible when it comes to architectural criticism. The digital age has seen a transition from print that could reach only localities to digital platforms that reached the whole world.

Things to know before pursuing a career in Architectural Criticism
Image Sources: Architectural Criticism in the Digital Age ©www.biancaman.co.uk

Architectural Criticism is a complex field, as it can be applied to cover one or more of these three levels concept, process and the end product, during each level the criticism differs to suit the nature of the process. The field is closely linked to practice, theory and philosophy which are directly linked to architecture.

Below are some aspects that have changed with the shift from print to digital media:

1. Coverage Should Be Widespread

Today architectural critics need to be well read in the architectural history of the whole world as they can only reach expertise if they talk about every kind of architecture, relating to varying communities over the world. Since anyone in the world has access to the writing, it must be addressing issues faced all around the world. The coverage should be widespread and so must their knowledge.

2. The Concept Of Star-Architectures

This concept changes everything today. There is a glamourous side to architecture today, it has related partially due to the advent of industrial revolution. There are impressive looking buildings and the architects are celebrities.

3. The Demands Are Different Today

Due to the possibility of immediacy in information sharing, most of the buildings that are going to be considered classics of this age will be devoid of any cultural significance with respect to the place they originated in.

4. Multiple Theories

Since the internet has brought all of us a lot closer than we ever, there could be multiple theories emerging since a lot of different people are looking at the same things. This subject in particular is very subjective. It is important to cover all of those viewpoints to reach a sensible conclusion in today’s scenario.


Bharani Sri is currently a B.Arch student at the VIT School of Architecture (VSPARC), Vellore. She enjoys passing her time by reading about architectural history, art, philosophy, and criticism. She believes that the world would be a better place if everyone was encouraged to look through the lens of historical analysis.

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