Snowpiercer is based on the french climate fiction graphic novel series “Le Transperceneige” which was first published in 1982 by 4 writers who are Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, Olivier Bouquet, and Alexis Nolent. This series, which started with “Le Transperceneige” by Jacques Lob, continued under the titles of “The Escape” and “The Explorers” by Benjamin Legrand in 2000. The fourth volume “Terminus” was written by Olivier Bocquet in 2015, as a conclusion to the series. Thereafter, the Snowpiercer film was written by Bong and Kelly Masterson based on this series and was directed by Bong Joon-ho who is a real talent in the south Korean film sector.

About Snowpiercer Series

Well-known names such as Bong Joon-ho, Scott Derrickson, Miky Lee, Dooho Choi, and Tae-Sung Jeong took part as executive producers of the Snowpiercer series. As the story begins, an environmental catastrophe induces an ice age, scientists and engineers tried to find a solution for the need for a new shelter or a new world for humanity. The analysis and research have shown that the world will be exposed to unlivable weather conditions any longer. Other needs of human beings should have been taken into account rather than the need for shelter; It was even thought that the air disaster would destroy the food sources, the education of the children would be disrupted, the needs for people’s health and treatment, and even the need for entertainment and activity areas for morale and motivation. Brilliant acting from a large part of the cast, especially Jennifer Connelly.

An Architectural review of Snowpiercer Series - Sheet1
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This train, which is a magnificent work of architecture, engineering and science, will meet the needs of mankind. This train, called the Snowpiercer, is designed and built to save a human being. All people are aware that this train is the only salvation. The needs of people have been analyzed in a very good way in this train, which has been thought out to the smallest detail, almost dragging it to a different detail in every episode of the series. this successful science fiction series is capable of attracting the attention of all architects.

Basically, the series tells the story of Snowpiercer and its passengers, a massive, constantly moving train that carries the remains of humanity after turning the world into a frozen wasteland. Several events are added to the series and even a new train design is coming up. Unfortunately, the conflicts of mankind do not end even in such a state. 

An Architectural review of Snowpiercer Series - Sheet2
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Architectural Point 

While the series focuses on class warfare, social injustice, and the politics of survival, it is still possible to analyze it in architectural detail. This series is one of the good examples that architecture and science will always work for humanity. The architecture was born for humanity and will last for humanity. The craftsmanship and details on this train are absolutely inspiring. This series reminds the importance of architecture in our lives. Even if the world comes to an end, the science of architecture will be the savior.

The production designer told Barry Robison to give the train “its own identity”. He designed the massive locomotive and drew the entire train in about three days. Headed by Production Designer Stephen Geaghan, the Vancouver design team began building 20 of the 1001 cars of various sizes in four soundstages. It took less than six weeks to produce and was met with approval from drama producer and film director Bong Joon-ho.

An Architectural review of Snowpiercer Series - Sheet3
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Intro & Graphics Design

It can be understood from the intro that the series is an architectural work. From the first second, it manages to attract attention with the plan, section, and view drawings of the train. Background screens were designed by Bruno William in collaboration with Seth Molson, additional UI screens were made by Zeis Lentz.  For the background screens TV show is mostly used as part of the Engine Car systems. It is clear that research has been done on train control systems, power supply circuits, and wiring diagrams.

Snowpiercer Season 4 Poster _©Warner Bros. Television

It remained consistent with the subject and information is shown in the environment and eventually predicted to fit the narrative and style of that universe. These screens mainly support the characters/actors who interact with them throughout the story. Moreover, it also acts as a guide to convey a message to contextualize the viewer.



Seoul International Drama Awards 2020 –  Most Popular Foreign Drama –Snowpiercer

Critics’ Choice Super Awards 2021 – Best Actor in an Action Series – Daveed Diggs

Critics’ Choice Super Awards 2022 – Best Actor in a Science Fiction/Fantasy Series – Daveed Diggs


Costume Designers Guild Awards 2021 – Excellence in Sci-Fi/Fantasy Television

Golden Reel Awards 2021 –  Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Episodic Short Form – Effects/Foley

Saturn AwardsBest Action/Thriller Television Series 

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