Travis Baker, “We lived in it and we got the most out of what I had bought”- says the iconic drummer and singer Travis Barker from blink 182 for his luxurious built-in sprawling villa-style Travis Baker house, Calabasas Abode where he currently lives.

Tranquil Calabasas Abode | Travis Baker

Travis Baker
Travis Baker

A single-story mansion with an area of 10000sq feet offering mesmeric geometrics and elegant intricate interiors with rich, timeless minimalistic design and finest materials. A 7 beds and 7.5 baths villa to celebrate the tranquillity in the rhythm of music and beats of the drum. From a large living room to an extensive swimming pool and backyard, Travis also has room to rehearse a few drumming sessions. Not only that, but the home is so huge to the point where his kids have plenty of adventures throughout each room and hallway. A series of archways and visual permeability through patios give an inside-out theme to the house.

Travis Baker
Travis Baker

Welcoming with an arty look is the living room. It has been adorned with many paintings of artists, along with many cool punk graphics. A collection of sleek modern furniture with a balanced combination of photoshoots, a fireplace, and paintings of 5 favourite albums that inspire him. The mansion has a lot more to reveal, with large windows converted to doors that give an extroverted view of the swimming pool in the backyard. The interest of kids has been kept in place with large hallways offering enough space for skateboarding and bike riding. The outside walls with rubble stone masonry and sleek furniture with white and an accent of blue, adding a slight touch of wooden furniture.

Travis Baker
Travis Baker House

This villa with a cosmic blend of style and space has been designed by Waldo, his amazing ideas, calming spirit, and impeccable taste are all that Travis wanted in his dream house.

“A family that eats together stays together.” A large dining table with abstract accents of grey complimenting the wooden material serves a complete dose of togetherness to the family. The black and white colour scheme of the kitchen complements the beauty of the sleek furniture. The fragrances of cinnamon and nutmeg through the Matcha station with large windows built to elevate the amazing view of the exteriors. Each cabinet exudes a sense of calm, ease, and flexibility. Defined by high gloss finishes that retreat to reveal dark wooden posts and a huge round table adding drama to seamlessly give a vintage look to the area. 

Travis Baker
Travis Baker
Travis Baker
Travis Baker

The TV Room is a perfect spot to sit back and relax with an opulent yet minimalistic design exclusively for Travis, Kourtney, and the kids. A cool and calming gathering space to play games and watch performances with a touch of brown and ochre-tinted furniture. Travis got rid of vaulted ceilings and recessed lighting to give flat ceilings, as high as possible to make clean lines visible and an interior where rhythm and music flow. Besides a TV Room, this mansion holds an entertainment room with a cemented ping pong table, a lot of art, a lamp designed with a buster and punch, and cool books by Pettibon. Travis has an incredible Bmx bikes collection out of which the special two have their space in the entertainment room. 

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Game room_httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerytravis-barker-calabasas-home

The villa also has a movie theatre and a home studio where the lyrics of “ bloody valentine” were written remotely during quarantine.

The bedroom offers a cosy spot for morning coffees, lazy afternoons, and relaxed nights. A space with a corner fireplace, sleek vertical windows, cabins, and a bunch of things close to Travis’ heart, like portraits, paintings, and other presents. The walls reflect the hard rocking, cool, and punk persona of Travis.

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Backyard_ httpswww.architecturaldigest.comgallerytravis-barker-calabasas-home, Travis Baker House

The memories of summer life in the backyard and the pool. A serene environment with occasional parties to chill, eat and have a great time with family and friends. An outdoor, sun-loving space is just as beautiful as the indoors.

Oaks at Calabasas

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House view_

Travis owes another 0.38-acre corner parcel in the celebrity-packed neighbourhood of Calabasas with a blend of luxury and comfort. The 7126 sq feet house has five bedrooms, six baths, and some bonus rooms. 

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Courtyard_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18

The entire house is organized around a central courtyard with a built-in fireplace. Well-balanced composition of several entertaining places including a double-height formal living room with a fireplace. 

Dining area_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18
Dining area_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18

The upper floor has a dining room with a sparkling chandelier with a gorgeous assortment of colours and textures. 

Kitchen_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18
Kitchen_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18 , Travis Baker House

The kitchen has well-boasted dark blue cabinets with white walls and counters. The family rooms have a corner fireplace, a media room, and stunningly designed French doors opening out to the yard and terrace. The house also has an extra room as an office or library just off the entrance hall. 

Sun-filled spacious rooms_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18
Sun-filled spacious rooms_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18

The sun-filled rooms have pleasantly slender furniture and Custom walk-in closets behind the glass doors, spacious balconies, and terraces. 

Terraces_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18
Terraces_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingstravis-barker-picks-up-second-calabasas-mansiontravisbarker_cala18

This house has everything one needs in a backyard- a built-in fireplace with seating, a swimming pool, a spa, and a fountain, all protected with walls and hedges for privacy. A masterstroke design with a warm feeling of home and significant architectural elements

Fresh and contemporary residence in Cheviot Hills area in Los Angeles | Travis Baker

In the perfect filming location for movies of Cheviot Hills Area, a residence full of single houses on the west side of la, on a corner lot behind security gates, lies a bold modern contemporary 4173 sq feet, a home that is quintessential to the California lifestyle. 

House View_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161
House View_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161

The house keeps soaring with the sunlight as it has a 13-foot floor height that gives it a loft-like look with 10 ft tall windows. 

Dining area_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161

The open concept of living space invites a spacious entryway with porcelain flooring and a ceiling with wood planks; extending further, it combines living dining with a huge fireplace while giving more aesthetic features to the space with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

16_Extended Kitchen_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161

The adjoining dining area opens to embrace the inside-out living aesthetic, with a kitchen island with all-white cabinetry that extends to the outdoors. A retractable Fleetwood wall of glass allows blurring of the boundaries of the spaces. The cantilevered second floor over the patio provides a calming sheltered outdoor space that also has a television and fireplace. 

Outdoor Kitchen_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161
Bedroom_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161, Travis Baker House

Apart from that, the second floor holds a study that separates the three family and guest bedrooms. The master suite environs three walk-in closets and a walnut-crafted cabinetry bathroom. The house is used for work purposes and also shelters an office at the lower level with a separate entrance. 

Pool_ httpswww.dirt.comgallerymore-dirtreal-estate-listingsgallery-travis-barker-buys-cheviot-hills-contemporarytravisbarker_ch161

Not forgetting the explicit detail of the house put by the outdoor lounge area just around the corner and also under the cantilevered overhang. The house is nothing but an example of blurring the boundaries and relaxing with nature while using natural resources to create a happy, comfortable living.


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