New Delhi, June 2022: Gurgaon-based luxury interior concepts and custom design company MADS Creations has launched a collection of beautifully designed bedrooms that are steeped in a welcoming, luxurious environment.

Project Name: Luxury Bedrooms
Studio Name: MADS Creations

Luxury Bedrooms By MADS Creations -Sheet2
©MADS Creations

The bedrooms are designed with a lot of focus on detailing to evoke a cosy, warm, and inviting space. A combination of wall panels and coverings, ceiling décor, and rugs create comfortable and restful environments. Predominantly muted backdrops come alive with wood tones, moldings, artworks, etc. By custom designing each piece of furniture, the designers add refreshing styles to each room.

Luxury Bedrooms By MADS Creations -Sheet3
©MADS Creations

Elaborate wall paneling with gold accents, coupled with a headboard, lends this bedroom a luxurious vibe. Browns and rust shades of the furniture stand out from a beige base.

Interesting wall panelings using a range of materials create a fresh and dynamic environment in this bedroom.

A perfectly quilted bed back wall, along with vertical mirrors, sets a charming backdrop to this bedroom fitted with furniture and lights in a classical style.

Luxury Bedrooms By MADS Creations -Sheet4
©MADS Creations

A bed back wall covered in wood and a winged headboard enhance cosiness in this bedroom. The cascading lights on either sides of the bed and the gold accents of the furniture add warmth and glamour.

An intricately quilted headboard, along with the fabric-clad wall, forms an interesting backdrop to this bedroom with an attached lounge space.

About The Brand

MADS Creations, founded by Meenu Agarwal in 2002, is a leading luxury interior and decor firm offering end-to-end, turnkey solutions. Crafted with custom-created furniture and furnishings, we endeavor to deliver through our interiors a refined lifestyle to those who desire to live artistically, surrounded by grace and elegance. Our comprehensive design solutions bring a touch of global aesthetics to residences, corporate spaces, and the hospitality sector. Our residential projects include farmhouses, estates, villas, bungalows, apartments, and penthouses. Authentic designs are combined with innovative ideas and new tech to create glamorous and stylish spaces.


With Meenu as the creative head, MADS Creations has delivered some spectacular, high-end interior design solutions, as well as a collection of stunning furniture, accessories, and decor pieces that are completely client-oriented. What sets our over 200 projects apart, is the complete in-house capability to produce all furnishings and paraphernalia required for a project. A team of proficient designers supported by unparalleled manufacturing support enables us to handle multiple projects at the same time in a timely manner.


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