While scrolling through social media, we get a lot of inspiration from celebrities’ lives and residences. Whether for inspiration or out of curiosity, we all enjoy peeking inside their homes. Stars and other high-net-worth people’s mansions, private residences, and apartments are given a glimpse of architectural inspiration because of the extraordinary design. From the luxury interior to the closets; landscape design to the swimming pool, the beautiful designs of these residences inspired us. This article features Zoë Kravitz House i.e., Pound Ridge and Williamsburg residences. Zoë Kravitz is the daughter of a celebrity couple. His father, Lenny Kravit, opened Kravitz Design Inc. in 2003, a design firm.

A Wood-Clad New York State Retreat | Zoë Kravitz House

The New York State Retreat is a $1.24 million-dollar house. It was originally an 18th-century cider mill. Later, it was restored and renovated into a two-bedroom house. It also includes two acres of private land packed with trees. Zoë Kravitz purchased this home in Pound Ridge, New York from model and actor Maggie Q. The house sits above the beautiful landscape, surrounded by a stunning environment. The back of the property includes a large garden. There is an alfresco dining area. The whole building looks like a rustic beast in a forest packed with trees, but the rustic look blends nicely with nature. On top of that, it is a mystical house with a history.

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The interior design of this house is based on a barn-style interior with a rural vibe and comfortable living spaces. The house is designed with open-plan habitual spaces such as living, dining, and kitchen, and it is the heart of the residence. Properly planned public, semi-public and private spaces add more value to the design The double-height living areas are outfitted with a small fireplace and comfortable furniture. The colour scheme of the living room is dark. Additionally, the light and shade balanced the entire room. The flooring in the living room is designed using dark wood.

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The kitchen interior was built with an elegant quality design with a modern twist. The kitchen area was flooded with sufficient day lighting for the user. The wood-clad kitchen mixes contemporary with rustic character. A long peninsula provides a large prep surface without spoiling the function. Beyond the kitchen, the peninsula is the principal dining area. Each space like the kitchen, dining and living is united by open planning.

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The master bedroom features a large bed and a private lounge area. The private sitting room is created with a lovely view of the garden in mind. The master suite, furnished with a rustic material palette and the proper accessories, catches our attention.

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The top-floor bedroom, which serves as a secondary bedroom, has a sloping ceiling and sash windows in the walls. The interior of the bedroom contains a pendant fixture hanging on the ceiling. Kravitz seems to prefer charmingly unusual living spaces—according to Dirt. One side of the wall is utilized as a storage area, with short ladder-like access that makes everything easily accessible. The room also includes a private sitting area.

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The bathroom is nestled against a large window in a bathing area with a copper bathtub. Furthermore, the window provides views of the rugged environment outside. In the bathroom interior, rustic symbols and natural materials are combined. The ensuite bathroom is spacious, with a wet-room shower and a solo soak tub.

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ensuite bathroom_©marcott studios

Williamsburg house living room

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Zoë Kravitz Williamsburg’s house living room was posted on Instagram by her famous interior designer, Ryan Korban, who commented, “Proud of that living room.” The gorgeous minimalist living room in the background contains simple furniture with a plush couch, a few side tables and a tan abstract rug. furthermore, design has the characteristics of feature essentials, emptiness, infinite space, limited colours, and simplicity. Zoë Kravitz’s personal choice of the interior is a simple design with the right accessories in the interior.

Minimalist bedroom interior

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What more could one want to enjoy the golden hour in their own home? These minimalist-designed bedrooms are an example of this. The cosy interior space and the usage of neutral palettes in this bedroom design. In conclusion, Zoë Kravitz’s room is a minimalism lover’s heaven.

Concept of bedroom interior _©image by the author (Abirami elangovan)

The selection of the material pallet is minimal and with cosy furniture. The elements, like the Moroccan rug and cream-coloured light furniture, added more aesthetics to the interior. The interior plants add visual balance to the interior. The neutral-coloured comfy lounge chair is designed with no visible legs. Low-profile furniture is added to preserve the beautiful view outside the room. A few pieces of minimal artwork and home décor were carefully added to the space. 

For a building to be in harmony with its surroundings, the architect should take inspiration from both the urban and natural environments. Ultimately, Zoë Kravitz house are just out of this world for their form, scale, materiality and overall composition for an appropriate design that fits into the place.


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