It is safe to say that the bedroom is one of the most versatile spaces of our homes. After all, it is in the bedroom that, often, we delve into moments of contemplation while trying to relax after a busy day. We personalize it in ways that help us give it the feeling of an easy getaway to escape the taxing routines of everyday life and work. As dreamy as it sounds it is most definitely one of the spaces, we tend to utilize to organize our thoughts and make plans for the futureListed below are 20 ideas/ trends in the design of bedrooms that can be incorporated to give bedroom interiors a futuristic edge. 

1. Biophilic interiors | Bedroom Interior Ideas

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Bringing in the GREENS ©

Inarguably, we spent a significantly large part of 2020 within the four walls of our homes with minimal to almost no encounters with nature and green open spaces. Through this time spent indoors, we have come to realize the importance and need for fresh air and calming greens which are sure to turn dull and gloomy environments into refreshing and energizing environments. To do exactly this biophilic interiors come to the rescue. 

A wide variety of available real and faux greens in the shape of indoor plants, vertical gardens, and living walls can be used to turn the interiors inside out and make room for green outdoor environments to crawl into the interiors of the bedroom. 

2. Multi-functional arrangements

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Work desk + Bed studio ©
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Work desk + Bed studio ©

Assigning additional functions to the bedroom is yet another trend that is making its way to the top of the charts. With a majority of the working population of the world resorting to the ‘Work from Home’ mode it only makes sense to tweak up the bedroom interiors to make room for cozy and convenient workstations. 

With many people choosing to work straight out of their beds it would be rather smart to resort to multi-functional furniture arrangements that can comfortably be converted or adjusted to accommodate workstations, mini-library reading corners, and studio tables as and when required without having to move across different rooms in the house. Also, many people use sofa bed instead of just the bed or the sofa to save space in the room.

One can also use the stickers to renovate their bedrooms to make it more appealing. It could be a message from the future, or for the future, or something about sustainability depends on personal interest. One can make these slogans into die cut stickers labels or custom pins with custom eco-friendly slogans or logos.

3. Sci-Fi | Bedroom Interior Ideas

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Sci-Fi Bedroom ©

For those who like to live in the dreamy world of science fiction, this is a good fit! Probably taken straight out of a movie set the Sci-Fi typology of bedroom interiors boasts of bold and unusual trails of lighting fixtures, a multitude of gadgets controlling the various corners of the room, and a combination of projectors and large display screens making it look like a replica of the interiors of an ultra-modern space shuttle ready to take off to Tomorrowland

4. Pod arrangements

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Pod Beds ©

Localizing the larger experience of a bedroom-like space led to the creation of pod-like arrangements. With large canopied beds and screens provided along with the canopy, displaying audiovisuals depicting picturesque sceneries or entertainment arrangements, this kind of interior would create an extremely private and cozy environment of a bedroom b creating a drift from the outside world—ideal for a weekend getaway like cottages and guest houses

5. Underwater | Bedroom Interior Ideas

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Underwater themed bedrooms ©
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Aquarium in bedrooms ©

A fun twist to an interior environment would involve the integration of elements of nature in unusual and unique ways! To be spending time relaxing underwater would be as surreal and dreamy and it sounds. 

Floor to ceiling height screens displaying views of marine life would give its user the feeling of being present in a room submerged in deep waters far away from the hustle of the world outside!

6. Open views

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Curtain wall openings ©

Similar to the idea of bringing greens from the outside to the inside, accommodating large curtain walls like windows in a bedroom would change the essence of the interiors to one that boasts of welcoming the outside into the cozy corners of the bedroom connecting the inside and outside and making the room appear larger than it would normally appear. 

7. Canopy beds

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Canopied beds ©

The bed without a doubt takes center stage in a bedroom. Using statement beds with elegant canopy forms can add some richness to the bedroom without having to add extra pieces of furniture to the room. 

8. Floating furniture

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Floating beds ©

An interesting entry into the arena of bedroom interiors is floating furniture. This type of furniture is characterized by the furniture ‘floating’ or rather cantilevering from the walls, free of any element coming in contact with the floor. 

This allows for light fixtures to be attached to the bottom side of the furniture or to create large and interesting floor patterns to add to the contemporary nature of the interiors. 

9. Platform beds and upholstered walls

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Low Height PLatform beds ©

A simple yet elegant intervention to the interiors of a bedroom could be the use of low-height platform beds. With upholstery in rich and warm earthy tones, this bed could just turn an ordinary bedroom into nothing less but a feast to the eye!

10. Minimalist | Bedroom Interior Ideas

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Minimalist bedroom interiors ©

Inspiration for this particular trend comes from ideas such as “Less is More” and “Less but Better” put forward by architects and designers decades ago, that seems to be catching the interest of a wide range of audiences in today’s times. To make room for more ‘space’ is making it to the top of the futuristic interior trends! 

By placing only the most essential pieces of furniture in the bedroom and eliminating all those objects or accessories that would lay unused most of the time more breathing space in park view city gets created. This would give out the idea of a larger, more spacious and breathable, interior space with minimal chaos and a more clutter-free user experience. 

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Priyamvada Gannavarapu is an architecture student who believes in the ability of architecture to influence and inspire human behaviour in fostering positive, efficient and sustainable built environments. As an avid reader ,a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic vocalist she likes to explore the various aspects of experiential design in creating meaningful habitable spaces for users alike.