11. Mirrored walls | Bedroom Interior Ideas

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Mirror walls in bedrooms ©pinterest.com

For those living in studio apartments or those who have rather unusually small bedrooms cladding walls or wardrobes with full height, mirrors might help get rid of the feeling of rather a small interior space. This may relieve the interiors of their crammed nature when the illusion of a bigger space through the reflection in the mirrors would come into play. 

12. Alcove bed arrangements

Alcover corners ©theglampad.com

Yet another method of playing with illusions of volume in a bedroom creating alcoves and niches alike to install beds or to create cozy reading nooks these arrangements can promise to create rich interiors and add a touch of royalty. 

13. Bold color-blocking | Bedroom Interior Ideas

Color Blocking on walls ©pinterest.com

Shifting away from simple pastels and subtle monotones, bold and solid colors are making their way to the projected trends of bedroom interiors. Whether or not the room is heavy on furniture and accessories a dash of solid color blocking would easily impose a mood onto the room not achievable by any other smaller accessory of the room. 

14. Adding statement pieces in metal 

Statement furniture pieces ©homedesigning.com

Although it is common to think of metal as being heavy, adding rich metal furniture and accessories such as those in copper or iron may just create a more visible presence of the bedroom as an integral space of a home. 

With many of us now looking at using durable and sophisticated decorative articles these metal accessories may do just the job. 

15. Curved furniture and lighting arrangements | Bedroom Interior Ideas

Curved furniture and lighting ©smalldesignideas.com

To keep up with the goals of efficiency in space allotment and utilization more often than not curved profiles in the design of a bedroom are avoided. 

16. Statement furniture/Sculptural lighting and vases

Statement furniture and lighting fixtures ©homedesigning.com

For those hoarding up on antiquities and treasures from the past, this interior design idea could help put those very items into use. A unique and unexpected experience can be achieved by shifting and drawing the focus of the eye from the main, more commonly used, accessories of the bedroom to accessories that usually lie only as background pieces. 

17. Smart bedrooms

Smart bedrooms ©pinterest.com

With tremendous advancement in technology, it wouldn’t be a surprise if our interiors quite literally start controlling us rather than us-human-controlling them and the experience associated with them. 

With multiple automated systems to control the opening and closing and usage of all accessories of the interiors being developed changes to interiors will have to be made to accommodate and smoothly blend into the interiors without creating visible distinctions 

18. Integrating lighting with furniture

Integrating lighting and the bed ©housessive.com

Why separate the lighting fixtures and the bed when they can both emanate out of one piece of furniture. What would easily fall under the more contemporary and modern technology-driven edge of interiors this piece of lighting and bed can quite become the dominating element and can create a spotlight effect in the interiors. 

19. Statement chandeliers and lighting fixtures

Statement lighting fixtures ©homedesigning.com

Rather than letting lighting fixtures be isolated to the ceiling, scaling them up and positioning them right in the center at the garb of all attention could be an interesting turn in the development of futuristic trends in bedroom interiors. 

Be it heavy chandeliers or large pendant lights hanging from the ceiling down to the level of a reading lamp or a bedside lamp or as a cluster of lamps unequally distributed on either side of the bed, this twist in the lighting arrangement is sure to make the interior ready for a futuristic edge! 

20. Sustainable and eco-friendly interiors | Bedroom Interior Ideas

Upcycling furniture and sustainable furniture ©coatpaints.com

With the growing concern of the negative impacts of environmental changes, this style of interiors demands the use of minimal and reusable interior accessories

A growing trend of upcycling existing furniture and fixtures with what would look like a mixed platter of themes would best describe this type of interior design idea for a bedroom. 

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Priyamvada Gannavarapu is an architecture student who believes in the ability of architecture to influence and inspire human behaviour in fostering positive, efficient and sustainable built environments. As an avid reader ,a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and Carnatic vocalist she likes to explore the various aspects of experiential design in creating meaningful habitable spaces for users alike.