A chair seems to be a mundane object which expresses the human need for seating in public as well as private spaces but on a more conceptual level, the design of a really good chair is material innovation, the beauty of form, and practicality done together. A chair comprises engineering, gumption, solicitousness, imagination, architecture, materiality, and a lot more. A perfect chair can be said as a marriage of form and function. Chairs can also be compared to buildings, requiring the perfect balance of musing and rationality. The 20th century witnessed the golden age of the modern chair. These chairs were modern but we’re inspired by their roots that were the old designs. The technological innovations and the mobility of the masses helped in the reinvention of the old designs in a more beautiful and practical one. Here are 20 modern chairs that were inspired by the old designs:

1. Papa bear | Modern chairs

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet1
Papa bear_©www.gq.com

Designed by Hans Wegner in the year 1954, this chair is said to be truly the most comfortable one. The precisely measured pitch and the depth, angles, and paddings make this chair as comfortable as a cradle. It is said that when one sits in this, they never want to get out of it.

2. Stacking Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet2
Stacking chair_ ©www.luxelivingasia.com/interior-design/10-of-the-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time/

Verner Panton designed this chair in the year 1960. This was considered to be a groundbreaking first single form, made up of a Single material chair that can be molded and even staked. This chair looks good in any surroundings while maintaining its structural integrity.

3. Barcelona Chair

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Barcelona chair_©www.luxelivingasia.com/interior-design/10-of-the-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time/

Designed by Ludwing Miles van der Rohe in the year 1929, in Germany, it was designed to complement the Rolex and the Rolls Royce’s German Pavilion for their international exhibit. It was not mass-produced and not comfortable as well. It was supposed to sit there looking fabulous and look as stunning as any chair.

4. Arm Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet4
Arm Chair_©www.gq.com/story/the-12-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time

Based on the periodic Louis XV style chair, the old whales were rethought by Planter in the U.S.A in the year 1966, replaced by modern materials. It is a visually light and extremely graceful silhouette.

5. Grand comfort Chair | Modern chairs

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet5
Grand Comfort_©www.luxelivingasia.com/interior-design/10-of-the-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time/

Designed by Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret, the grand comfort is a smart way of containing some cushions in an open frame. Also known as the cushioned basket. The people feel a pure and comfortable installation of an international design.

6. Thonet 209

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet6
Thonet 209_©www.luxelivingasia.com/interior-design/10-of-the-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time/

Designed in Austria in 1900, Thonet is the most crucial innovation of the time. It is a curvilinear furniture masterpiece, an icon for the modernist.

7. Tulip Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet7

Eero Saarinen designed the Tulip in 1955 in the U.S.A. It is a single material, single form chair. This chair blew up the notion that a chair was supposed to stand on all fours. It was majestically fluid and as beautiful as a tulip. Cleary standing out of the all types of office chairs listed here.

8. Egg Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet8

The Egg was specifically designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in the year 1958. The interpretation of the traditional armchair was curvy and fluid, sexy and soft. It created a cozy cocoon of privacy.

9. B32/ Cesca

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet9

Marcel Breuer was fascinated by bicycle handlebars and non reinforced tubular steel to design the modern chair. This chair offered a comfortable bounce which seemed like a human floating in the air.

10. Transat Chair | Modern chairs

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet10

Eileen Gray named this chair from the abbreviation for transatlantic. With the complicated frame joinery, the seat a sling pivoting head support, this chair is exceptional.

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