We were given a 2 BHK, to convert to a one bedroom studio apartment with a home gym. Using the personality and likes of our client we made this our first concept home. The concept home encapsulates his vibe and follows the functionality required.

The simple fact is that a neutral colour scheme will never bore you. It serves as a blank canvas for adding colour with materials, antiquities, and upholstery. This home features a variety of textures, exotic and rustic materials, and distinct design forms. We categorise it as Shabby Chic interiors.

Project Name: 2 BHK, CUFFE PARADE
Studio Name: Fine Line Designers

2 BHK, CUFFE PARADE By Fine Line Designs - Sheet6
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At the centre of the apartment is a large living area and one feature of it is the deck which wraps around the living room continuing to the bedroom. Half of the living room is left absolutely open as a mixed martial arts studio with a full height mirror extending one wall. The wall behind the white sofa is clad in a leather finished stone, making the white contrast pop with the black background. The centre table is actual sliced logs of wood with metal stands at three diff heights with a red kiln beneath to bring out the natural, raw colours. The tan leather sofa, rug on rug, light polish and retro hardware on the side tables gives a quirky vintage vibe.

We have hand painted Bruce Lee’s character as well as some of his inspiring quotes directly on the walls which were physically scraped by the civil workers by hand to get the unfinished look we wanted to achieve.

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This deck area is very spacious having two different kinds of seating so that one can enjoy the beauty of the sea in whatever context it maybe. The metal grill is fabricated in shapes of mechanical gears as our client is not only a fitness enthusiast but has a great passion for cars (executed by Medha Toprani).

We selected a wall fan which has a hanging light in it continuing to give an antique and rustic look.


The passage really introduces the elements that tie together the entire house in one glance. The ceiling has ambient light in a cove within a carved panel. On one side we have the rough textured wall juxtaposing the trellis glass and white PU painted partition for the home gym. The kitchen door is a sliding white PU painted panelled door on a barn door fitting.

2 BHK, CUFFE PARADE By Fine Line Designs - Sheet10
©Fine Line Designs


In this house, we have really explored diverse surfaces. The combination of leather, metal studs, veneer, marble, tiles, brushed nickel and the artwork has given this home its’ distinct personality. The master bedroom is kept quite simple with the style added in the furniture pieces as well as cushion accents. The shape, handles and hardware of the elements gives a retro look.


The kitchen is semi modular carrying the contrast seen in the rest of the house and using materials that are easy to maintain.


Our client’s favourite part of the house; the gym. This area has been made to exact specifications for the equipment and the workout done there. We have used rubber flooring to allow for impact, track lights with non reflective lenses, flattering one’s image in the mirror reflection and a blind installed for privacy if required against the glass trellis partition.

2 BHK, CUFFE PARADE By Fine Line Designs - Sheet4
©Fine Line Designs


At the entrance of the powder room we applied newspaper directly on the ceiling and gave it a white wash to add a subtle but unique feature which can’t be missed by the guests visiting.  We have used a pedestal basin to allow for more space around as the area is small. The beige travertine is contrasted by the charcoal grey painted walls, on which we have fixed block print stamps on the wall instead of typical artwork. The carved mirror and hanging light have been curated to add to the rustic vibe.


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