11. Lounge and Ottoman Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet11
Lounge and Ottoman_©www.luxelivingasia.com/interior-design/10-of-the-most-iconic-chairs-of-all-time/

It is a progression of Charles and Ray Eames’s plywood experiments, now with leather and padding. It epitomizes masculinity and comfort.

12. Wassily Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet12

This is a basic club chair which is the least cozy but most mechanical.

13. Model 45

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet13
Model 45_©njmodern.com/finn-juhl-model-45-armchair.html

Finn Juhl’s Model 45 is an open frame design but one of the most comfortable ones. It mixes organic forms, sublime materiality, and cradle style ergonomics.

14. Wishbone chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet14
Wishbone chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

Danish designer Hans Wegner created his own version of the Minj Chair which incorporated a curved, bentwood armrest. The prolonged wishbone-shaped made a graceful silhouette.

15. Eames LCW Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet15
Eames LCW Chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

The back and the seat designed by the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames were shaped to perfectly cradle a sitter of every age group and size.

16. Navy Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet16
Navy Chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

Aluminum was melted to form this sturdy and lightweight chair which was originally used on warships.

17. Butterfly chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet17
Butterfly chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

It was designed in Buenos Aires in the year 1936 by a group of architects who were working for Le Corbusier.

18. Chiavari Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet18
Chiavari Chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

The graceful shape and lightweight makes this modern design famous.

19. Windsor Chair

20 modern chairs inspired from old designs - Sheet19
Windsor Chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

This chair is characterized by the spindled chair back.

20. Hoffman side Chair

Hoffman Side Chair_©www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/g30750815/chair-types-styles-designs/?slide=20

The Hoffmann side chair was designed by Josef Hoffmann and Josef Frank in 1925. Adapts many of Thonet’s principles to Viennese secession style.

The 20th century witnessed many modern designs, many of them by famous architects too. No matter how modern and beautiful these designs were, their roots were a lot of the old designs. Even if we don’t consider the chair to be important, it is a versatile and essential piece of furniture.

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