Zac Efron House, One of the most fun shows to watch in your teen years used to be The High School Musical, and a guy that was a heartthrob to a lot of girls was this American boy, who started his acting journey from a very early age – Zac Efron.

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The teen musical television movie High School Musical (2006), which debuted on the Disney Channel in January 2006, marked a turning point in Zac Efron’s career. Efron has acted in numerous well-known movies throughout the years, such as “Neighbors,” “Baywatch,” and “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.”

Zac Efron’s House

There are 2 major Zac Efron House – one in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles and the most recent one in Byron Bay, Australia. Both of the mansions have exquisite views and overlook nature. These mansions are not just beautiful but are very luxurious in terms of architecture and interiors.

House in Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles 

Zac Efron has been in the news for his relocating to Australia, recently. Before his shift to Australia, he had a home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The home is located in the Hollywood Hills bordering the West Los Feliz enclave of the Oaks, which is home to many famous people. The home’s glass walls, terraces, and numerous outdoor spaces with views of the city below are spectacular.

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Los Feliz House of Zac Efron_©Source Los Angeles Times

The way to the entrance of the Zac Efron house is what sets the mood of the whole space. A broad enclosed pathway takes up to the entrance, where a gold fountain is located at the base of a brick wall.

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Entrance of the house_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The foyer is magnificent and imparts a very warm vibe due to the color scheme. The skylights and large windows in the space bring in lots of natural light which makes the whole area well-lit and comfortable.

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Foyer_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The living room offers a breathtaking view of downtown Los Angeles. The walls are kept neutral and the drama and character are added into the space by the furniture, rugs, and upholstery. 

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Living room_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The chef’s kitchen is all wood and white. Wood textures add a sense of warmth and tenderness to a space’s overall dynamic. The natural contrast of the area is increased when white and wood are combined, giving the room a more homey appearance.

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Chef’s Kitchen_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The deck is a great place to have your friends come over while you enjoy the beautiful view of Los Angeles. The house has multiple textures of wood in places to make it look cozy and comfortable throughout.

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Deck area of the house_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The spa of the house is in an open space under the sky overlooking the city to incorporate a sense of grandeur and openness. The Zac Efron house has multiple outdoor experiences and makes it architecturally special majorly for its view and amenities.

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Spa_ ©Source Los Angeles Times

The house is made up of a variety of natural materials with warm, cozy tones and textures. The perfect blending of indoor and outdoor areas makes the facilities more engaging and creative in their use and design.

An actor should feel comfortable and at ease in his home because part of his job entails personifying numerous identities and beings, some of whom may or may not be him. A performer’s home should encourage him to maintain his sense of reality and humility. A place with natural materials and natural light makes the entire area gorgeous and like your home because their everyday routines involve using a camera and a spotlight.

House in Byron Bay

On Australia’s far north coast, in the state of NSW, sits the seaside community of Byron Bay. The area, which includes Australia’s most easterly point and the famous Cape Byron lighthouse, is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, distinctive food and retail options, top-notch festivals, and a strong sense of community. Byron Bay is unmistakably laid-back overall, despite its recent increase in popularity. The laid-back character of what was once a sort of hippy commune hasn’t been lost as the trendy beach town has grown and added several attractions.

Zac Efron bought a home in Byron Bay, Australia recently and sold out the property in Los Angeles. There were several apprehensions of him moving to the land down under. The actual location and images of the house are yet to be disclosed but here are some facts about the house, according to sources:

There are five big bedrooms in the house, the master bedroom which has stairs leading to a walk-in closet on the mezzanine and its bathroom.

The house offers stunning ocean views and has private stairs down to Wategos Beach. The basement houses a wine cellar, a playground, and a yoga room.

Wategos beach_ ©Source: Jonny Melon

On the middle floor, there is a video room and an open-concept living, dining, and kitchen area that connects to a balcony with a heated infinity pool and steps to the beach.

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