Halle Berry has been one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood. She has been filmed in many movies, approximately fifty in number. Some of the hit films included – ‘Monster Ball’, ‘Catwoman’, ‘Die Another Day’ and ‘X-men’. The net worth that she earns currently is around ninety million dollars. It’s told by her in some of her interviews that there was a time when she did not have any shelter to live in. From that situation to now, it has been a difficult ride for the star, and hence, she has proved to be a self-made person. Out of the properties that she owns, the famous properties are Hollywood hills homes and Malibu’s beach house.

Hollywood Hill gem 

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Halle Berry purchased this house in 1994. It is a Mediterranean style villa, covering one-third acre of a plot. The villa provides magnificent views of the city and the canyon. The villa was built in 1989 with spacious open plan designs. Recent upgrades have been done. The street view gives a subtle stateliness with a trio of garages, which have been proved a valued amenity amidst the avenues situated in the Hollywood Hills. The living spaces cover 4300 square feet area. The villa is oriented away from the streets to create privacy and seclusion from the city yet it provides very welcoming views of the city.  

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Halle Berry has lived for more than a decade here. The villa has a patio surrounded by a streamlined pool and spa. From here, beautiful vistas toward Beverly Hills and beyond can be seen. There is a long rectangular lawn by the private side yard, which is well protected by two-storeyed walls made up of glass.  

The interiors of the villa are quite fascinating. Since Halle’s house has an open plan design, there are expansive common spaces with dining areas and a kitchen, on the first floor. In the rear part of the house, there are floor to ceiling window treatments on walls to obtain the best views of the city. The fluidity in the structure makes it a more ideal space for entertainment and liveliness.

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The second floor is accessed via a grand stone staircase. The floor comprises private living areas with master bedrooms and a hallway, which look out onto the lush greens and breathtaking panoramas of the city. The other master bedroom has vaulted ceilings and a balcony which opens up towards the Pacific ocean. Both the bedrooms are stone finished. Some of the walls display fine arts, also including one or two Oscar statuettes.

Malibu Beach House

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Halle Berry, who was once forced to live in a shelter as she was not doing well financially, due to ups and downs in her career, bought a very expensive mansion in one of the luxurious neighborhoods in the California city. These were the times before lucrative films were offered to her. The property owned by her in Malibu, California faces toward the beachfront providing breathtaking views. During the times of the pandemic, when we all were quarantined, Halle had spent her precious time with her children – daughter Nahla and son Maceo. The abode is a fit for children as it is very spacious and allows them to be free, learn and explore. The luxury waterfront mansion has proved to be a stress buster for the family. The venue provides mental relaxation and peace. Halle had purchased this 5000 square feet mansion in the year 2004. The price of the mansion is worth 8 million dollars as of now. Halle used to live in the Hollywood hills villa, while this one was being constructed.

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Halle Berry’s Malibu mansion_©www.closerweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/halle-berrys-malibu-mansion-is-a-dream-see-the-catwoman-actress-stunning-home03.jpg?fit=1200%2C1133&quality=86&strip=all

The motive behind building this mansion was to experience luxury, relaxation and comfort as a beach house does generally. The property has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, and stunning ocean views can be seen from nearly any nook and corner of the house. The multi-story abode has many top-notch facilities including top-class elevators and other services. The mansion has open floor plans with fluidity as an attribute of the entire structure. There are floor to ceiling windows in the villa to enhance visual interaction with nature.

Halle Berry’s Malibu mansion with jacuzzi in outer area _©www.themostexpensivehomes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Halle-Berrys-Malibu-Beach-Home.jpg

The mansion has a modern white design with a minimalistic design approach. The interiors of the house include spaces like bars with glass tops, sleek furniture, and plenty of artwork adorning the walls. The kitchen is spacious with granite top counters and stainless steel appliances to work with. The living room area has a theme based on white and cream color. The furnishings are of a cream color and have hardwood floors.  Each bedroom in the mansion has a private balcony and there are multiple decks in the house which have patio furniture. The outdoor living areas have a pool, luxury jacuzzi and rooftop area. There are a set of staircases to reach the ocean. There is a private patio at the back of the house.

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