A staircase is a primary structural and architectural element of a multi-storied house. Small houses especially need staircases that make a  room feel light and airy, offering a livable space and a great experience. Concrete is a rough and dully colored solid material that needs more space than steel, glass, or wood, but the design opportunities are voluminous. 

Making concrete staircases look elegant and attractive in a small space is the key to a beautiful home. A staircase can alternately also be used as storage, seating, work desk, central attraction, partition, or a relaxing spot. For this, concrete staircases are advantageous as they can take the load easily and flex its elegance.

Here are 25 concrete staircases for small houses:

1. Translucent concrete

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet1
Staircases ©in.pinterest.com/pin/182325484885722079/

The main advantage of translucent concrete is that it allows light to pass through it and enhances the texture visibility. Unlike regular concrete, this quality makes the room feel bigger and airy.

2. Attractive colours

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet2
Staircases ©www.precastconcretestairs.co.uk/gallery/

To make the staircase a centerpiece of attraction and to improve the quality of the room, colored concrete can be used. The color in combination with suitable lights sets the mood of the room.

3. Minimalistic design

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet3
Staircases ©www.ofdesign.net

Concrete and steel make a great combination as they lighten the space and weigh down the wall at the same time creating an intriguing design. With just two materials, this minimalistic design creates a visually compact and comfortable space.

4. Concrete base with steel stairs

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet4
Staircases ©www.ofdesign.net

The concrete base takes the load while the steel stairs give a smooth finish and make it easy to clean the surface. The design is sleek and visually appealing.

5. Cantilevered stairs

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet5
Staircases ©csgrid.org/csg/team_display.php?teamid=420777

The absence of risers allows light to pass through the gaps illuminating the place below and forms a pattern. Cantilevered concrete stairs do not have a handrail and give a floating effect.

6. Combination of materials

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet6
Staircases ©www.ofdesign.net

A majestic look is achieved by using polished concrete with wood and accent lighting. The helical staircase occupies less space but still looks spacious. A sense of motion is attained by the shape of the railing, lighting, and treads.

7. Alternating treads

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet7
Image 7 – Staircases ©plainmagazine.com/casa-tiny-aranza-de-arino/

These alternative stairs allow vertical circulation and create a place to sit. They are more economical as each step uses half the concrete required by a regular step.

8. Precast 

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet8
Staircases ©in.pinterest.com/pin/386254105548285332/

Spiral staircases occupy the least space. The curvature of this dragon-like staircase design makes it the centerpiece of attraction. Precast concrete stairs are easy to maintain, cost-effective, and can be molded into any shape without compromising its strength.

9. Polished concrete

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet9
Staircases ©in.pinterest.com/pin/632052128949656536/

The glossy surface of the polished concrete appears like a sculpture rather than a staircase. This stylish contemporary design gives a 5-star class ambiance within a small space.

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10. Extended staircase

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet10
Staircases ©in.pinterest.com/pin/97601516894342705/

Apart from using a staircase for vertical movement, it can also be extended to create a leisure space where one can sit and enjoy books while sipping coffee. Every space in a small house should be used to its fullest without congesting the room.

11. Extended landing

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet11
Staircases ©www.houzz.com/

The landing of a staircase can be extended and used as a table or a showcase stand. This acts as in-built furniture integrated with the staircase maintaining design continuity.

12. Multifunctional stairs

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet12
Staircases ©www.archdaily.com

The hollow concrete boxes help in transferring load and act as a storage space. Using wood and hollow tubes reduce concrete usage and can allow light to enter the room from the window.

13. Precast staircase with modules

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet13
Staircases ©br.pinterest.com/pin/450500768951530521/

The precast concrete modules can be produced in one place and assembled on site. This is easier to transport to the site and is cost-effective.

14. Suspended staircase

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet14
Staircases ©weburbanist.com

Suspended staircases are attached only to floor slabs and lack railings. When placed in a courtyard, it looks like a fragile floating structure, a path leading to heaven.

15. With garden

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet15
Staircases ©www.futuristarchitecture.com/

Having a lush private garden in a small house is difficult. But integrating it along with a staircase saves space and creates a relaxing spot. Plants at different heights along a staircase are the best place for a garden.

16. With water body

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet16
Staircases ©www.muraliarchitects.com

Who doesn’t enjoy a waterfall? A waterproofed pit along the concrete staircase can be used for small water bodies that not only cool the atmosphere but also create a place of leisure.

17. Ultra thin hybrid staircase

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet17
Staircases ©www.galleo.co/project/ultra-thin-hybrid-staircase

This ultra-thin hybrid staircase consists of a 5.5cm thick concrete slab and a glass railing that support the other. It creates a light environment, and the space under the staircase can be used effectively.

18. Effective lighting

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet18
Staircases ©www.pinterest.ie/pin/781796816541971326/

Using LED lights along the staircase, under treads, or on risers create an interesting pattern grabbing our attention. This can induce the effect of a suspended or a floating staircase.

19. Concrete and glass

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet19
Staircases ©www.ofdesign.net

The dark-colored staircase with glass railings against the light-colored walls looks like a jewel glossing under a light. A magnificent staircase can be designed using two simple materials.

20. Living under stairs

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet20
Staircases ©www.designcafe.com

Smoothening the base of a staircase and achieving a projection-free surface allows us to use the space below it as a comfortable living room. This is an important aspect while designing small houses.

21. T-shaped concrete stairs

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet21
Staircases ©www.designcafe.com

The simple T shaped treads complement the elegance of the room, and the mere glass railing enhances the ambiance. 

22. Spiral staircase

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet22

The thin baselining and the curvature makes this a featherlike structure, which is the opposite of concrete’s striking rigid structure. The spiral staircase occupies very little space compared to other types.

23. Wood embedded in concrete tread

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet23
Staircases ©heystyles.com

To make the treads more exquisite, wooden planks with LED lighting can be embedded into the concrete slab. The glass railing and the steel supports make it look light and floaty.

24. Side concrete support

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet24
Staircases ©heystyles.com/

The support of the staircase is at one side rather than at the center. It is a floating staircase with no supporting wall. This asymmetrical design creates a fascinating space below it.

25. Central support

25 Concrete Staircases for Small Houses - sheet25
Staircases ©heystyles.com

Here the rib of the staircase is at the center creating a symmetrical design. The staircase acts as a partition between the dining and living area. From having a room below the concrete staircase to having a swing under the staircase, design has no limits. Concrete offers the strength required for it and creates an exciting experience. If considered a stairwell, it is only for vertical movement, if considered as a design opportunity, the possibilities are infinite.


Karpagam is a 3rd year undergraduate student who is very passionate about architecture and takes advantage of any opportunity that comes her way to build herself as an architect .She believes that through healthy discussions, critical changes can be brought in the society.