Rihanna is a successful singer, entrepreneur and designer that has left a big impact on the world with her iconic pop music. Now she has managed to conquer the world of real state. The super pop star Rihanna has positioned herself as one of the most relevant artists of popular music. She is also known for her design work in her lingerie business Savage x Fenty, which was valued at millions of dollars at the beginning of 2021, and for her talent as an entrepreneur with multiple successful makeup lines. The famous singer, designer and actress is also an expert in real estate, and during her career, she has managed to be the owner of some beautiful Rihanna houses.

Rihanna has accumulated an impressive collection of properties and houses in Los Angeles and Barbados, and she has also rented some enviable estates throughout the years in Manhattan, the Hamptons and London. These are all of Rihanna’s incredible houses.

1. A Big Mansion in California | Rihanna House

Four years after Rihanna signed with Jay-Z’s Def Jam Recordings at 16 years of age, in 2005, the singer bought a beautiful mansion valued at $6.9 million dollars in the coveted area of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The beautiful mansion was three stories high and had over 791 square meters; the main house had eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It also had a picturesque terrace with a swimming pool in the back part. The famous singer was the owner of this property for several years until she sold it for $5.03 million dollars due to damages caused by humidity.

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Rihanna’s mansion in California_©E.McCARRON&CO

2. Renting a mansion in Pacific Palisades, California

After selling her beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, Rihanna decided not to buy a property right away and instead rend for a while. On this occasion, she rented an impressive mansion in Pacific Palisades, California. The famous singer rented the house for $65.000 dollars a month. The mansion was immense, with over 1.019 square meters, high ceilings, a garden of over 55o square meters, a terrace on the rooftop, seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Unfortunately, various intruders were seen inside the property during the first months of Rihanna living there, and for this reason, she decided to move out.

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Rihanna’s house in Pacific Palisades_©Rodeo Realty

3. Going back to her Caribbean Roots, Barbados

This same year Rihanna decided to go back to her home country, Barbados and bought an enormous villa right next to the beach, valued at $22 million dollars.

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Barbados Getaway_©Chesterton

The villa is situated in One Sandy Lane, one of the eight condominiums at the end of the road of the famous Sandy Lane Hotel. The beautiful villa has five suite bedrooms, each of them with a private terrace and dressing room, as well as a large swimming pool and a private gym. 

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Swimming pool at Barbados house_©Chestertons

Apart from this villa, in 2012, the singer bought her mom a five-bedroom house close to her villa. 

4. Living in Manhattan City, New York

For a while, Rihanna’s place of residency was unknown, but in 2013, she decided to move to the east coast and rented a space for 50.000 dollars a month in the Chinatown neighbourhood in Manhattan. 

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Chinatown penthouse indoor space_ ©Corcoran via Streeteasy

This space was 650 meters square, with a surrounding terrace of 200 square meters. This stunning department occupied the two top floors of a complex of luxury apartments, with a floating staircase that connected both levels of the house. The place had four bedrooms, three complete bathrooms and a breath-taking view of the Empire State Building.

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Chinatown penthouse terrace_©Corcoran via Streeteasy

5. Back to Sunset Strip, California | Rihanna House

When going back to California, Rihanna was looking for a private house, and found one that is known amongst the entertainment industry as “the Fortress”. This gigantic house was designed by David Lawrence Gray Architects, and it is on the Sunset strip, where a lot of other celebrities have their homes. The house has 930 square meters, high ceilings, steel beams and glazed walls, in addition to a guest house with two bedrooms and a swimming pool, famous because of its explicit design.

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Houses in Sunset strip_ ©Sunset Plaza Mansion
Houses in Sunset strip_ ©Sunset Plaza Mansion

6. Wilshire Corridor home, California

There is not much known about the property Rihanna bought in Wilshire Corridor, but it is public knowledge that she paid 925.000 dollars and it is a 185-meter square apartment, ubicated on top of a skyscraper. To this day, the singer is still the owner of the property.

7. Mediterranean Style Villa in Hollywood Hills, California

In 2017, after the launching of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna spent $6.8 million dollars on a Mediterranean style villa in Hollywood Hills. In this property, there is the main house of six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and it is over 660 square meters, with high ceilings and doors with steel frames in every room. There is also a guest house, turned into a gym, an infinity pool, and various areas outdoors, resting in the middle of the acre. 

Houses in Sunset strip_ ©The Agency

Unfortunately, after a year, the singer had problems with intruders again and decided to put the house on sale for $7.5 million dollars, but to this day, she still hasn’t sold it. Now, the house is available for rent.

8. Historic House from the XIX century, London

Rihanna decided to move to London in 2018 and rented a historic house from the XIX century in the famous district of St. John’s Wood. 

House in London_ ©The Sunday times

It is believed that she paid approximately $25.000 million dollars a week to live in this humongous mansion, which has eight bedrooms, located within walking distance of the famous Abbey Road Crosswalk. This property is 580 square meters and included a gym in the house, a cinema room and space for ten cars.

9. Holiday House in The Hamptons, New York

One of the most recent properties Rihanna rented was in 2020 in the Hamptons, where she paid $415.000 dollars a month. This wonderful summer house of 750 square meters has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The singer only rested here for a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

10. Back to Beverly Hills, California | Rihanna House

Rihanna’s first property was in Beverly Hills, and in early 2021 the singer acquired two neighbouring mansions back in Beverly Hills. Although she didn’t buy them at the same time, both were bought in a short period. First, she acquired a contemporary property of $13.8 million that measured a little more than 706 square meters and has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Beverly Hills mansion_ ©The Agency

Shortly after, she bought a $10 million Tudor-style house that measures 315 square meters. This other mansion has wooden beams and a large swimming pool, four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.

Tudor-style house_ ©The Agency

These are all the residences and properties in which the famous singer, businesswoman, fashion designer and actress Rihanna has lived, and now that she has a baby on the way, she probably has many more plans for the future, which will be as exciting as all these mentions in the article.


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