The documentary Paris to Pittsburgh, presented by the National Geographic channel in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, was directed under the vision of “Sidney Beaumont and Michael Bonfiglio” and talks about the crisis and surge of climate risks with actions and initiatives by citizens and governing bodies to overcome this disaster. The film highlights the communities around the country and inspires ways to people to start responding to the ultimate risk of today. It voices the story of local citizens and leaders prototyping stories behind climate-related risk recovery and resiliency. The initiatives and moments grown in scope of reducing carbon emissions by the city of Pittsburgh have been presented in the film with the comments by Mayor Bill Peduto and President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate change agreement in June 2017. This film produced by Radical Media highlights weather conditions growing deadly and destructive frames affecting numerous communities and shows their fightback to reduce carbon emissions.

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The plot of the movie revolves around the decision of the President of America to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement in June 2017 and exit from the Paris climate treaty. After Trump announced withdrawal, Peduto announced that the city of Pittsburg would alone be powered by 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. Pittsburg, not Paris? Both cities wanted the same thing. followed by the efforts of individuals who are battling the severe effects of climate change in the background and need to highlight them in fore frames.

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Climate change talks not just about one community or any specific region but a surge of crisis globally. The documentary devotes itself to the issue of climate change while narrating examples of drastic changes in sea level rise, heat island formation, wildfires, and superstorms. It also narrates the events in notable disasters of hurricanes and storms in parts of America. The framework of the film portrays the issue of climate change and states that the research by Pew research center in 2016 across 40 nations believes that climate change is not just a serious concern, but they agree with the fact that it’s already here and affecting lives of people across the world. The documentary is a generous source of knowledge to make people aware of the underlined causes and effects of climate change and also talks about the urgent need to think about sustainable and renewable solutions. It talks about the harm and the hope simultaneously to suggest solutions for every problem. The inlay of hardships of US communities and territories is documented to help understand the need to think and make initiatives.

The movie comes up as an opportunity to a story unheard and already known by voicing people for the biggest challenges of present times. It also covers the efforts of citizens of America to show up for the need to change the continuous use of natural resources and switch to renewable sources of energy for living. The movie amazingly covers the moment and how it took the momentum and increased from one to many. Making such a moment into revolution is something which cannot be only accomplished by finding new solutions but by a rising economy with them. The renewable energy orientation increased numerous jobs, and the hunt to achieve the climate goals attracted people to join the moment and create a new and sustainable living with a continuously rising economy.

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The approach of not looking at the future with a similar vision as we did earlier helped Pittsburg and other communities to raise their presence for this change to control climate change and its adverse effects. Now people look not at cities of gray buildings but at sustainable living atmospheres creating an ecosystem addressing the concerns of the future. It talked about and motivated different people from all distinct backgrounds and industries to hold hands on one say, which is Life, Work, and Produce sustainability. 

In my opinion, The documentary is a good pick for all those who have a keen interest in similar professions of disaster management, architecture, and the human resource industry. It’s moreover a film that should reach every eye to spread awareness for climate change and its rising concerns. The fact that it’s quite an accessible and short pick actually will attract a good number of people, and hopefully, the cause for which this has been highlighted will reach the extreme audience. Movies on such social topics are for a niche audience, but the concern of the show should be invoiced to every ear and need actual solutions for these issues. Climate change is not coming, but it is already here, and the clock is already ticking to help us understand the adversity of the situation and come up to voice the best possible solutions to every calamity of the future. The movie would be more of an asset to device the coming surge if we didn’t move back and save our resources.


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