Katapult Design is a leading global product design and development consultancy in Australia.  Katapult proves to be on an accelerating trajectory through developing new products and services whilst minimizing the effect on the planet’s increasingly fragile environment. Breaking the norm, it has taken measures to reduce environmental impact through design and promising products that are functionally efficient and aesthetically pleasing. 

Below are some of the new-age products designed by Katapult Design.

1. Boom Supersonic: Supersonic Airline Interior

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Boom Spersonic_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/boom-supersonic/

Manufactured at the finest, Boom Supersonic interior is quite a silent boom in the construction industry. The clever optimization of the space is a win-win situation with a subtle choice of colour palette. 

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The Plush Luxury_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/boom-supersonic/

The goal was to develop a design direction that delivered passenger comfort, innovative features, and a more personalized journey. It portrays a unique, luxury feeling that is focused on the UX.

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The Comfort_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/boom-supersonic/

Beautifully detailed finishes like the stitched leather seats, accent timber hand rest, under-seat luggage storage, forward reclining seats, and the task lighting, combined with the widescreen monitors, touchscreen controls, full internet access, and clever storage create a personal work or relaxation space for a world-class passenger experience.

It is a private and personal cocoon that feels fresh and modern.

2. Javi Letterbox

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The Fine Texture_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/javi-letterbox/

A precise minimal letterbox with the finest wooden texture is an answer to sustainability. Fabricated with Australian steel and then coated to withstand weather conditions, Javi Letterbox offers quality work.

The goal was to create an iconic, sustainable and long-lasting product entirely manufactured with locally-sourced materials. The front panels are made of Accoya Wood and CNC machined in-house, guaranteeing the best quality. This timber is a perfect solution for exterior products where aesthetics, less frequent maintenance, dimensional stability, and durability are key factors. 

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Sustainable At Its Best_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/javi-letterbox/

3. Classic Watch

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Classic Watch_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/classic-watch/

Timelessness is another synonym for this Classic watch. Suitable for all ages, the watch is a cut above the rest with its minimal look, simplified aesthetics, and universal appeal. 

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The Design_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/classic-watch/

The watch demands a glance whether casually kept on the table or carefully worn on the wrist. Its seamlessly knitted bands and least decorated dial are worth staring at.

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Beyond ensuring key components such as the watch body, face, hands, and band embodied the brand ethos, careful consideration was given to the little details that would set the watch range apart from competitors; materials, surface finishes, and textures.

4. Fliteboard Series 2

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Fliteboard Series 2_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/fliteboard-series-2/

The electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard occupies a very small space in your room corner, yet holds the capacity to steal the show. Curated for water sports, the product emanates a sense of trust and long-term durability. 

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A Perfect Fit_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/fliteboard-series-2/

The emphasis on curved corners of the high-performance flite assures equal tackling capacity against external force along with the riders’ easy movement on it. Built on the same algorithm as an airplane the board acquires the quality of a more joyful ride.

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Smooth Flight 2_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/fliteboard-series-2/

The crisp appearance and sleek texture are spots on. It is deft, quiet, and emission-free with the advantages of simplified UX, reliable bands to put your feet into, and a refined geometry easing the water ride a cakewalk.

5. Lock+Load Wheelbarrow

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Lock+Load Wheelbarrow_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/lock-and-load/

Breaking away from the monotonous wheelbarrow, Katapult’s creation is a twist to the tale. Configured in the same mechanisms as the traditional ones, the new kid aims higher with innovative solutions that inject some wow factors. 

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Flawless Movement_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/lock-and-load/

It is a DIY wheelbarrow that can be assembled in under 5 minutes and comes in a flat pack. It occupies a very less volume of space and the parts can be snapped together. 

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Easy Grip_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/lock-and-load/

The compact design is easy to access and easier to transport. The look and feel of it resemble an expensive plastic toy that can be handled by anyone, anywhere.

6. Mobilate

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The newly designed walking frames are an achievement of trust and beauty through mobility promising a paradigm shift. It eliminates the key issues of stability and ease of use, particularly on sloping or rough terrain.

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Lightweight & Stability_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/mobilate-roami-walker/

The goal is to create a walker that adjusts for inclines or declines intuitively and that is simple and failsafe to operate. Besides, it is lightweight yet super stable under heavy loads and remains cost-effective to manufacture.

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Easy Access_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/mobilate-roami-walker/

Overall, the walker is a game-changer in terms of its groundbreaking features like the patented Cam-Lock hub less clutch mechanism, the safety lock system to avoid accidental actuation, rapid deploy wheels, and the fully collapsible frame for easy storage. It is newfound freedom that voices against the stigma associated with disability aids. 

7. Hat

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Developed for a good cause, the eHat provides on-the-job training and enhanced safety for the industrial, especially for the in-experienced workforce. One can get practical, on-site supervision from expert trainers anytime, anywhere with video and voice connectivity via one’s smartphone. 

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Remote Access_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/ehat/

The simplified UX enables the users to operate without any confusion and also enhances the reliability under an uncalled situation. 

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A Smart Choice_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/ehat/

The hat is carefully crafted with the perfect fit for all and colored such that it can be easily recognizable. Summing up, it is a smart, innovative product that acts beyond its physicality. 

8. Smash

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The wristband is a glow-in-the-dark. Curated specially for players, the band is a sweat-free, robust product. It comfortably fits the players’ wrists and has a revolutionary design to set the publicity on. 

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Smash Wearable_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/ehat/
Katapult Design- 10 Iconic Products - Sheet24

9. Active Mask

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Active Mask_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/active_mask/

In the era of covid-19, wearing masks has become ubiquitous across the globe. The goal is to cut off the disposal issue of single-use masks. Active Mask is designed from the ground up to be reusable, safe, and comfortable for a long period. 

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Advanced Mechanism_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/active_mask/

Boasting filtered 1-way air intake valves and a central exhale valve, the airflow is highly controlled but not constrained. Custom-designed filters use a carbon cloth and woolen fiber to clean bacteria and dust from the air without obstructing flow.

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Easy Wearable_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/active_mask/

The mask itself is molded in super flexible, medical-grade silicone in a compliant profile that smoothly seals on the wearer’s face to prevent contaminated air from sneaking in, providing optimal protection and comfort. Active Mask is easily cleaned and sterilized for re-use.

10. Sculpt

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The design intends a less complicated range with a reduced part count, simpler assembly, and a visually cleaner design aesthetic.

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The Design Strategy_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/sculpt/

Katapult utilized an innovative forming process to create a unique bowed profile and variable handle cross-section for optimum strength. In combination with refined mechanisms, reduced component counts, and higher quality materials & finishes, this technical innovation helped set the Sculpt range apart from competitors at the high-performance end of the garden tool market.

The Range_©katapultdesign.com.au/project/sculpt/

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