“It’s all about one thing: creative problem-solving to get the story out.”

Product design is the process through which designers combine customer demands with corporate goals to assist businesses in creating successful products. In addition to creating solutions that engage customers and support brands, product designers design products for longer-term business needs.

Product designers contribute to the development of things that are not only easy and enjoyable (or at least satisfactory) to use but also optimized to keep performing well in the marketplace. They aid in the definition of product goals, the creation of product action plans (elevated summaries or 6–12-month predictions of product offers and features), and the deployment of successful products. UX design, like usability and user interface (UI) design, is a subset of user experience (UX) design. Indeed, UX designers are engaged in the complete product acquisition and integration process.

1. Post-it 

Image 1_Post-it notes_©Pexels

Dr. Spencer Silver, a researcher with 3M, sought to produce a super-strong adhesive in 1968. Instead, he invented a “low-tack,” reusable, pressure-sensitive glue by mistake. A yellow-tinted note was randomly selected from scraps of paper.

2. Anglepoise Lamp

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet2

George Carwardine (1887–1947) created the Anglepoise light. This lamp is sustained and balanced by a series of springs, cams, levers, and loads. On July 7, 1932, he received a patent for his spring design. The lamp was stabilized by a strong base, and the shade directed the beam.

3. Hula Hoop 

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet3
Hula hoop_©ravishahi

A hula hoop is a type of play hoop used to spin around one’s waist, limbs, or neck. Children and adults have been using them since at least 500 BC. Australian bamboo hoops influenced the contemporary hula hoop. Willow, rattan (a flexible and robust vine), grapevines, and stiff grasses are traditional materials for hoops. They are now often composed of plastic tubing.

4. Paper clip 

Initially, paper clips were invented to attach tickets to fabrics. They come in a variety of shapes; like oblong, triangular, circular, or more innovative shapes. They can be used for a number of different works including mechanical work; and can be bent to perform several tasks. Its attachment purpose has also symbolically been portrayed on our emails and Whatsapps!

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet4

5. Rolling Pin

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet5
Rolling pin_©congerdesign

Rolling pins of various shapes and materials offer a variety of advantages since they may be used for a variety of tasks in cooking and baking. Two styles of the rolling pin are found: rollers and rods. Roller types consist of a thick cylinder with small handles at each end; rod-type rolling pins are usually thin, tapered battens. Rolling pins of different styles and materials offer varying advantages, as they are used for different tasks in cooking and baking.

6. Torch

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet6

Torches are sticks with flammable substances at one end that are lighted and used as a source of light. Torches have been utilized throughout history and continue to be used in processions, ceremonial and religious occasions, and juggling entertainment. In certain nations, the phrase “torch” refers to a battery-powered portable light.

7. Bendy Straw

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet7

For hundreds of years, humans have utilized drinking straws in some form or another. Joseph B. Friedman invented the bendy straw in 1937, after seeing his small daughter straining to sip from a tall glass with a straight straw.

8. Tip-Ton Chair 

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet8
Tipton chair_©vitra

The Tip-Ton chair was designed as an alternative to the fixed nature of the traditional school seat. The chair’s design story begins with an offer to assist in the purchase of furniture for a new high school. A search for a more dynamic, elegant, and memorable alternative that would rely on recognized relationships between motion and learning has now started.

9. Halulite Pot

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet9
Haulite pot_©rei.com

Auto designers and furniture folks are the rockstars of industrial design, but designers who work on camping cookware deserve more credit than they get. To take cookware, a line of objects with defined form factors, and redesign them to make them compact, minimalist, and lightweight is a challenge many of us would (and did) fail at in design school, but look at some of the leading camping goods companies, and you will see all manner of clever design solutions and a real understanding of materials. 

10. Frisbee 

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet10

American inventor Walter Morrison created Frisbee. To pass the time, he and his girlfriend would toss cake pans at each other. People would approach him on the beach and ask if they could purchase the pans for 20 cents more than their cost, which was a lot of money in 1940.

He would create and subsequently sell his “Plutto Platter” design to Wham-O, who would market it very successfully. They then nicknamed it the “Frisbee,” after what college students called it. Today, the Frisbee can be found in most parks and is available in a broad range of forms and colours.

 11. Slinky

Simplest product designs of all times - Sheet11

Richard James, a naval engineer, devised the Slinky while experimenting on tension springs. He tossed one and watched it bounce. He and his spouse then turned their own spring into a game and submitted it to a Philadelphia department shop. The slinky has already been inducted into the Toy Industry Hall of Fame and has marketed almost 300 thousand units, making it a household name.


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