More than five decades ago, the legendary band ABBA became an instant sensation . Recently, ABBA announced their return with a new album, “Voyage,” after a 40-year absence. The band had performed “Me and I” at a private event in 2016 since their last performance in 1986. It is intended to be a long-term “hologram tour,” which Abba originally announced in 2016. ABBA’s songs, like most lasting pop songs, are structured in a basic verse-chorus pattern that fulfils our desire for order. It’s wonderful to have them back. In November 2021, their new album will be released as a gift for their old and new fans. The Swedish pop quartet is also planning a London performance in 2022.

Hexagonal arena to designed for ABBA reunion tour by Stufish
ABBA VOYAGE_©stufish

The hexagonal location for ABBA’s reunion performance has been unveiled by the British architecture company Stufish at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. Stufish have worked on the set design for Beyoncé and Jay-On Z’s The Run II tour, which kicked up in Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. The 3,000-seat arena will be constructed of mass timber. This six-sided hall, will be erected on a rarely used coach park close to the Dockland Light Railway’s Pudding Mill station. Aside from the live performance corridor, the location will include stalls, restrooms, bars, storage, and backstage amenities.  According to the London Legacy Growth Company’s March 2020 committee report, approval for the demountable and conveyable area has been granted for a five-year period.

Though minor details about the world tour have been released, it has been planned as a digital tour in which ABBA band members will play as “digital avatars” created by Industrial Gentle & Magic, and their animated versions will be going on a world tour for the next four years,  2022 onwards.

According to the official website of Stufish , “The venue is built around ABBA’s timeless music and never-before-seen concert, so you can have the time of your life in General Admission or have the option of a seat in the auditorium if you prefer. You can even party in style in your own Dance Booth.”

The venue is built around ABBA’s undying tune and never-before-visible stay performance, so that you probably may have the time of your existence essentially admission or have the selection of a seat inside the auditorium in case you appear to choose. You probably may even event in your character dance income space.ABBA Voyage said in a press release.

“ABBA’s breath-taking area delivers the proper setting for ABBA Voyage, providing you a dwell music expertise like no different .” The reunion of this legendary band and the creative geniuses in STUFISH promises an extraordinary concert  experience in 2022 with their tickets already available for sale since September 7, 2020.

Stufish was founded by the late Mark Fisher  . They frequently work on the dividing line between permanent and temporary buildings. They master entertainment architecture. Stufish has expanded its portfolio as the studio has developed, creating anything from permanent structures to live events, travelling shows, and exhibits. The firm focuses on providing a space for live entertainment adapting to the future. Stufish also designed the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Asian Games in 2010, and numerous sets for television shows, including the MTV Video Music Awards and the National Television Awards.

In the recent COVID times, this London and Hong Kong-based studio has been working on a socially distanced vertical theatre, and aspires to design new pop-up venues for the “new era of performing venues,” while social distancing and after the pandemic and designing for the future . 


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