MAEER’s MIT Group of Institutions founded Maharashtra Institute of Technology Art Design and Technology Institution (MIT ADTU) as a state private multi-disciplinary university. The university was set up under the MIT Art, Design and Technology University Act, 2015 in June 2016. The MIT Art, Design, and Technology Institution (MIT-ADT) is a private, autonomous university located in Loni Kalbhor, Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is a member of the MIT Group of Universities. It is a UGC-accredited multidisciplinary university that has received ASSOCHAM‘s ‘Best Campus Award.’  

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Considering that the time students spend at the university is one of the most crucial periods of their life, the university has established a thriving campus where students can have a life beyond their books. The campus is a bustling place where students are offered various clubs like literature club, corporate relations club, painting club, etc to showcase their abilities and individualistic creative flair. Furthermore, the university also organizes Persona Fest and Vishwanatha Sports Meet for the students to make the most out of their student life. 

Following are the various amenities offered for the students:

  1. In-house Medical Facility – Vishwaraj, an on-campus multidisciplinary hospital at MIT Art, Design, and Technology University, can accommodate more than 300 people at any given time. The hospital is equipped with the most up-to-date medical technology, as well as luxurious lodging accommodations and a large ambulance network. All girls’ and boys’ hostels have separate First Aid centres that are open 24 hours a day throughout the week. 
  2. Sports Complex – A dedicated sports complex at MIT ADT houses a futuristic Olympic-level swimming pool, a large lawn tennis court, and a basketball court. Every student living on campus has access to all of these facilities. The facilities are maintained on a regular basis as they are also used for various State level, National and International level championships and competitions. Moreover, the complex also consists of outdoor game facilities like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis and a Basketball court and indoor games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Carrom. Apart from sports, the campus also offers a Gymnasium for boys and girls. 
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3. Hostels and Guest Houses – The comfort of students is given utmost importance at MIT ADT University. And hence, the campus provides accommodation for the students that involves a comfortable stay and a hygienic food facility. The campus understands staying away from family for the students could be tough and therefore, it also offers specialised guest houses for parents to stay. 

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4. Cafeteria – A cafeteria is provided where a variety of food is offered and more importantly a place where students can enjoy their leisure time and be themselves. The cafeteria is designed to reflect the current youth trends and serves a wide range of cuisines for the students to enjoy. 

5. Transportation Facility – Students travelling from afar can use MIT ADT University’s transportation service. They have a special line of college buses available to assist students with transportation.  Every day, these buses pick up and drop off the pupils on time. The buses run at regular intervals around the city. This option is available to students at the time of admission.

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6. Auditoriums and Seminar Halls – The college has over 3 auditoriums and 10 seminar halls that are completely equipped with the latest technology tools and equipment to enable the proper delivery of the program. Our auditoriums have adequate room to accommodate a large number of students at one time.

Clubs and Committee 

  • Raj Kapoor’s Film Club – The Raj Kapoor Film Club is an MIT ADT University project that includes all of the university’s constituent institutes as members. The goal of the film club is to hold regular activities related to movies and art. The major objectives of the film club are as follows: 
  • Screenings of Indian and foreign films, as well as commercial and educational films, are held on a regular basis.
  • Organize high-quality events on a regular basis, such as scriptwriting workshops, cinematography workshops, filmmaking workshops, film analysis workshops, and other activities linked to film enjoyment.
  • Encourage group and panel debates in the presence of technical specialists in the field of filmmaking with the goal of instilling a passion for high-quality films.

6. Corporate Relations Club – The goal of the Corporate Relations Club is to foster relationships between industry and institutions so that students can gain industry experience and placements and projects become simpler. This club also strives to provide information on current industrial activities, developments, and technical advances, as well as share entrepreneurial success stories.

7. Oratory and Literature Club – The oratory and literature club provide students with a forum to express themselves eloquently outside of the classroom. The club actively conducts events to increase student interest in literature and foster literary innovation.

8. Painting Club – The Painting club is a gathering place for painters to exchange their knowledge and voice their opinions on topics that interest them. The group includes all types of painting in order to keep the artist in pupils alive. 

9. Photography Club – The goal is to inspire creativity via photography, share and evaluate peers’ photos, educate and enhance technical abilities and spread the love and art of photography throughout MIT ADT University.

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10. Cultural Club (Music and Dance) – Students from all of the university’s institutes come together at the cultural club to plan events where they can demonstrate their talent by performing in front of an audience.

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11. Technology and Innovation Club – This organisation strives to instil a culture of problem-solving in the student community by analysing real-world societal and corporate challenges and then assisting them in developing acceptable, realistic technical solutions. 

Following are the activities hosted by the club:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Project competitions
  • Paper presentation
  • Faculty and students exchange programs
  • Journal, Souvenir, proceeding Publications
  • Project development
  • Branding and marketing team
  1. Entrepreneurship Club – The entrepreneurship club’s goal is to provide a platform for students to have access to entrepreneurial resources, network with local entrepreneurs, and share their innovative ideas. The club’s goal is to broaden people’s understanding of new and small enterprises.
  2. Sports Club – The sports club is dedicated to organising sporting activities at regular intervals throughout the year to encourage all students to participate in physical activity. Various inter-college sports tournaments are held throughout the year to instil a sense of sportsmanship. Cricket, rowing, badminton, tennis, marathons, and other major sporting events are among those held.
  3.  Alumni Association Club – This group strives to establish a strong alumina connection with our illustrious alumina in all fields. These clubs organise events such as inviting alumina to speak as keynote speakers and providing a venue for members to contribute to their Alma mater.



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