Samoo Architects and Engineers is an architectural design firm, based in Seoul, South Korea. The firm, which started as a research institute in 1976, has grown to become one of the world’s largest architectural firms, with locations on a global scale. It deals with diversified services covering multiple aspects of the design process, from its start to its end. With a fast-growing, diverse portfolio in design, the firm works under a variety of markets and achieves client satisfaction based on values of design and technology, sustainability and innovation in all its design endeavors.

An Inside look at the Studios of Samoo Architects & Engineers - Sheet1
Korea Gas Corporation Headquarters_©Young Chae Park

Mission and Vision 

The core values of Samoo Architects & Engineers are

  • Client-oriented Progression and Trust
  • Innovation and Openness
  • Integration and Resilience

Following the slogan ‘Super-convergence of Design-Engineering-Future technology, The Digital Innovator’, Samoo architects aims to connect technology and design to revolutionize the Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) industry. It works for the main aim of creating innovative and extravagant designs that constantly develop with the changing society through the use of new technology and expression. The Vision 25 project assures development in design and working, for the best interest of all its clients, stakeholders and employees.

Main elements of design 

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Buk Seoul Museum of Art works on the concept of the former hillscape of the region as the main motif, designing a cultural hill that would harmonize with the gallery park_ ©Young Chae Park

While designing structures, the firm incorporates several characteristic elements. Designs of structures usually focus on a central concept or motif, one that encapsulates the culture or function of the space. It works to create structures that exemplify functionality and monumentality in the urban landscape. Their designs include innovative and unique forms and expressions executed using advanced tools and technology, for a constant strive for futurism. In addition to this level of detail in modern designs, Samoo Architects and Engineers maintain user comfort and sustainability as central focal points, to create an all-round, functional, aesthetical and innovative landmark.

Areas of expertise

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Ecorium of the National Ecological Institute, uses Sustainability to enhance the dynamic journey of visitors throught he greenhouse controlled envirnments _ ©Young Chae Park

The firm works in the design for a number of functional spaces including residences, offices, cultural spaces, industries, mixed-used spaces amongst others. It provides a variety of services, through a complete guide of the design process, from start to finish. These services include:

  • Pre services: This includes initial analysis, technical assessments, and market surveys that aid in the decision-making process and optimize procedures through the design
  • Urban Design and Planning: The firm deals with a complete approach to urban design including engineering, landscaping, etc. to fully maximize usability, efficiency, and environmental concerns.
  • Architectural Design: It deals with the holistic design process, starting at the concept stage to the constructional execution of the design. It has worked for the design of a variety of functional spaces, setting up landmarks all over the world.
  • Advanced Technology: It specializes in major IT industrial facilities and in adopting this modern technology in projects to enhance functionality and aesthetics.
  • Interior Design: It works with many specialists to create unique interior solutions, using clear design values and a personalized touch for client satisfaction and distinct styles.
  • Engineering Consulting: It reviews various aspects related to the operation, construction, maintenance, and design of structures, to optimize its use and provide practical solutions throughout the life cycle of the building. It uses technological developments like Building Information Model (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) allows for easy planning of costs, possible errors, and execution processes.
  • Sustainability: This comprises a focal point in all projects designed by the firm. It uses a series of sustainable researches, environmental analysis, energy simulations, and sustainable guidelines and integrates various sustainable technology elements and compliances in all its designs.
  • Post services: It completes projects by outlining various elements and procedures required for the smooth operation and management of the building, including task functioning, furniture/machinery placement, and general organization.

Iconic Projects 

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Rodin Museum, Seoul, now called Plateau_ ©

A collaboration with KPF architects, the Rodin Museum in Seoul, was the first project executed by Samoo Architects and Engineers, in 1997. The museum was designed as a glass and steel structure of three volumetric forms that work to functionally connect the neighboring spaces while highlighting the art held within, through a dynamic mix of natural light and shade. The design reflects different degrees of movement and enclosure to further enhance the artistic value of the space.

An Inside look at the Studios of Samoo Architects & Engineers - Sheet5
National Library of Sejong_ ©Young Chae Park

The National Library of Sejong was designed by the Samoo Architects & Engineers as a space for not only research-oriented activities but also for the common public. The design form follows the apt motif of a turning page, a visually heavy building paired with a feeling of sensitivity, as it softly rests on the pine trees and the pond of the landscape. The entire design revolves around the concept of ‘Emotion’, in terms of ‘emotional shape, emotional space, and emotional experience’. The firm used BIM to execute the construction of the unique geometry and form. The BIM technology was used to design various beams, columns, and slabs of the structure, to make it confirm the viability and the constructability of the design. It was also used to manage the curtain walls and panels that completed the design. A combination of this concept-driven design, that boasts functionality and monumentality, with the use of modern technologies and materials, is characteristic of the firm. This allowed the building to stand, in the dynamic city, a landmark of research, interaction, and innovation.

Presidential Archive of Korea_ ©Young Chae Park

The Presidential Archive of Korea was designed by the firm in 2015 as a space where people can experience the history of Korea’s presidents, including their hopes, plans, and projects. The form includes a rigid glass and stone cube, that stands upon a green roof, a dynamic path that merges the interior spaces with the lush outdoor landscape, acting as a gathering and outdoor exhibition spot as well. This landscape element guides visitors through a path of nature and contemplation. The design also features various elements of sustainability like the green roof, a cool-tube system, and BIPV and PV panels to help in natural ventilation, temperature reduction, and efficient energy use.


Samoo Architects and Engineers even after 40 years of development in the global field has maintained its core values, achieving client satisfaction while bettering the architectural environment and fostering a sense of community. With an aim to create a legacy for future generations, it uses creative solutions and sustainable principles to merge storytelling and design with a constant state of dynamism and movement, literally and theoretically. It has used this innovative design technology and thought process, to set up a score of landmarks in the urban landscape on a global market level, with centers in the USA, China, Vietnam, and Qatar, while also garnering a score of awards including the Red Dot Award and the IDEA(International Design Excellence Awards). Samoo Architects and Engineers have, and will only continue to grow in size and relevance in the years to follow.


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