Aditya College of Architecture is located in Borivali, Mumbai. It was established in the year 2013 and is an ideal environment for exploring new ideas and encouraging young minds’ creative and independent thinking.  It is an ISO Certified Institute and follows the curriculum of Mumbai University.

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About the course | Aditya College of Architecture

Architecture is the art of designing and technology. It plays a vital role in the built environment around human beings and the course teaches the students to build a sustainable and efficient environment for human beings to live in. Architecture students are expected to be enthusiastic and good in mathematics and creativity. Bachelors of Architecture is an undergraduate degree for a 5-year course and is divided into 10 semesters. 

The syllabus includes architecture design, allied design, and technical construction subjects. The course also includes site visits and a practical training period for on-field experience and a better understanding of the subject. 

“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” Zaha Hadid

Studio spaces

The studio spaces are big collaborative spaces that are fully air-conditioned and notably ventilated and illuminated. There are individual desks for students and enough circulation space inside and outside the studio spaces. Mainly all design lectures are conducted in the studios.

Other than working studios, lecture halls are also available for the teaching staff and visiting faculty to conduct sessions on technical subjects. Lecture halls are usually the place wherein seminars by professionals are organized. For a larger crowd, seminars and workshops are conducted in the banquet hall.

The library is an important part of the design college, where all books, magazines, and archives are kept for student and faculty use. The library at Aditya College of Architecture has numerous books for reading and referring and many tables and benches are available for group studies. As a whole, the internal planning of the college is very flexible and motivating for a healthy learning environment.

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Faculty (student: faculty ratio)

The faculty of Aditya College of Architecture are well experienced and well versed in the course. They conduct lectures on different platforms and try new and diverse techniques to deliver lectures. The faculty is usually available even after college hours for any guidance and help in their subject. The faculty-student ratio is 1:10 in most of the subjects. 

The teaching staff also arranges seminars and workshops for the students to attend to aid their design subjects. These seminars invite various professionals of the field to give lectures inside the college premises. 

Some teachers have expertise in a specific field and are fully able to guide in those subjects. The teaching staff is very supportive and encouraging to all the students. 

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Student environment | Aditya College of Architecture

Students from different parts of India are a part of Aditya College of Architecture. The student environment is very healthy and motivating. Hostel provisions are not arranged by the college but the students can easily find a roommate for rental apartments.

Every third-year batch elects a student council that works on annual competitions and exhibitions. Forming a student council encourages student interaction amongst all the batch of the college and smooth functioning of all the programs held in the college. There is a good senior-junior relationship formed as every batch gets to interact with their seniors for management of the program and guidance if needed.

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Site visits

Every year there are site visits arranged locally and inter-state. Site visits help architecture students to understand practical field challenges and the execution of work on site. Technical details are explained by the college faculty on these site visits. Other than local site visits, one trip, usually for 4-6 days, is also arranged by the college which is inter-state (payment for this trip is taken separately.) Mapping and documentation of various structures is the curriculum for this trip. The site visits are pre-planned and informed well in advance. The trips done during the course are executed excellently and are lifetime memories!

Co-curricular activities | Aditya College of Architecture

Other than academics, co-curricular activities are encouraged at Aditya College of Architecture. The college participates in National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) Competitions. The college hosts an International Design Competition (IDC) every year which invites students to participate from all over the world. The competition involves student activity as well to administer the program.

An Annual exhibition is organized by the students of the college known as Borivali Design Fair (BDF) wherein student work is put to display and various other social activities are arranged for the general crowd. BDF helps to engage people from different backgrounds to experience the architectural work of the students and in return gives exposure to the college and its students.                         

Few projects like Borivali Railway Station beautification are also carried out. All the students work as a batch for this project as electives. These projects were given to the college by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

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Smriti considers Architecture to be an expression of art and is on the road of building many such expressions for the world to experience. She is passionate and motivated to explore the countless angles of architecture design and media. She stays positive and loves to travel.