Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the most well-known Hollywood actor and film producers with a net worth of $260 million. The actor’s interest branched out into two distinctive categories: a climactic campaign and owning extravagant property. Throughout his career; Leonardo Di Caprio has bought and sold multiple houses, yet each was unique in his style and aesthetic. His cinematic portfolio is a well-praised collection of movies, his real estate portfolio is nothing different.

The beach houses owned by Leonardo Di Caprio were the epitome of tranquility and peace. Space engulfed the user into a soothing aura through its extensive facilities, panoramic view towards the sea, the material, etc.

Let’s look at the houses owned by Leonardo DiCaprio:

1. Malibu House | Leonardo Di Caprio House

In the 1950s, Leonardo Di Caprio bought his first property in proximity to the beach. It was a 1,765 square feet bungalow comprising three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The beauty of the design lies in the details, the use of brass finishes in indoor spaces brought a delicate contrast to the structure. 

The selection of material consisted of brass and marble that made the project timeless, while the bright blue patterned wall wrapped around the stairwell kept the feeling of freshness enacted within the indoor spaces. The freshness of the interior space contrasts with the sense of warmth radiated at the outdoor wooden deck, where a hot water tub is extended and connected towards the beach.

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2. Spanish-style hacienda in Silver Lake

In 1999 Leonardo shelled out $796000 for a Spanish-style house at the edge of the west coast. It was a very large house with three floors connected through the elevator, the house accommodated four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms

The house was known for its unique raw aesthetics with exposed beams and ceiling, hardwood floor also added up to elevate the rustic aesthetics of the house. The backyard of the house consisted of a swimming pool that was connected to the main lounging area through a series of Spanish-style arches

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3. Palm Spring

In 1964 Leonardo bought a vacation home on the outskirts of the city, with a net worth of $5.2 million. The extravagant vacation home was a part of the gigantic complex of Palm Spring, along with other vacation homes owned by multiple actors. 

The house spans an area of 7,100 square feet, with additional facilities of the tennis court, swimming pool, guest house, and a detached gym. The strategic planning of architect Donald Wexler was able to accommodate such extensive facilities while providing a vacation home with six-bedroom s and seven bathrooms.

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Alongside owning therapeutic vacation homes and beach houses that helped him to unwind, he also owned several modern-designed places in the cities. These properties were accommodated by Hi-tech facilities such as filtered air systems, solar panels, and in-duct aromatherapy. The houses owned by Leonardo in the city focused on providing an easy and soothing life that enables him to detach from the hustle-bustle of the city.

4. NYC Battery Park

In 2008 Leonardo-Di Caprio purchased an apartment in a 32 stories high-rise apartment complex located in the heart of New York City. The building prioritizes an eco-friendly and hygienic lifestyle, thus the masterplan of the complex was intact with a 24-hour fresh filtered air system, water treatment system, and solar panels. 

The additional facilities accommodated in the complex included; billiard room, landscaped terraces, yoga studio, dog spa, and a 50-foot lap pool.

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5. Greenwich Village | Leonardo Di Caprio House

Greenwich village was another apartment complex designed right next to the NYC Battery Park with its unique facilities. The actor marked his territory in the complex by purchasing a condo worth 10 million. It was a fairly large condo with an area of 3663 square feet, comprising three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. 

The amenities provided by the apartment consisted of a walk-in steam shower with a custom-designed light therapy system, circadian rhythm lighting, a built-in juicing station, and in-duct aromatherapy.

Nothing could be better for a Hollywood actor to live in a house that provides a magnificent view of the Hollywood hills. Owning a place that every day celebrates an actor’s success is a dream home. Leonardo Di Caprio was able to build two such houses adjacent to Hollywood hill. Following the success of Titanic, the actor bought two houses adjacent to the Hollywood hills. 

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6. Madonna

In the early ’90s, the actor bought his first home close to the Hollywood hills. Later the actor turned the property’s basketball court into a viewing party venue for election night.


7. Hollywood mansion

In the following year of 1994, the actor bought another house intersected in the undulating landscape of Hollywood hills. It was a mansion with five bedrooms and eight and a half baths stretching over a land of 12,530 square feet. The house was facilitated with an exaggerated number of amenities including a screening room, a wine cellar, a spa, an Infinity pool, and an oversized subterranean garage.

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8. Los-Feliz Mansion | Leonardo Di Caprio House

The Los-Feliz mansion was initially designed for the musician Moby in 1928, the homely aura that the house radiated inspired Leonardo, who bought it for $ 4.91 million. The house was designed in traditional Romanesque style, with stained glass windows radiating color in interior spaces, exaggerated ornamentation on arched doors and entrances, such details of ornamentation and color is balanced through the rustic inlaid ceiling that provides the house a raw aesthetic. 

With the traditional style, the architect infused a modern spatial strategy, vertical layering of spaces created an interweave structure on interior spaces and the landscape. Each bedroom opens up to a landscaped terrace. These landscapes also provide detached spaces for activities, such as zen meditation, yoga, swimming, and spa. There is a lower-level guest suite that has a hidden passage connecting it to a steam room, and a loft space perfect for a yoga room or study.

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Los-Feliz Mansion_©www.sheknows.comlivingarticles2076885leonardo-dicaprio-homes

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