Cycles of violence are great inspirations for telling stories, particularly when revenge is involved. And with Netflix Original the Glory, we see a cycle, opened and retribution sought with an intensity that leaves you pinned to your seat. “The Glory” delves into the world of revenge in a Korean drama setting. Moon Dong-eun, a woman who endured severe bullying in high school, takes centre stage as she meticulously plots her revenge against those who tormented her. 

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The Glory, written by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Ahn Gil-ho_© WallpaperCave

The Plot 

“The Glory” is structured with a complex narrative that interweaves past and present, creating a rich tapestry of character development and plot progression. This show effectively portrays the relentless determination of someone who has been pushed to their limits and has everything to gain from seeking retribution. If you appreciate the subtle workings of karma through acts of revenge, this series will definitely captivate you.

The focal point of the series revolves around Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-Kyo), a high school student with aspirations of becoming an architect. However, her dreams are shattered when she becomes a target of high school violence inflicted by her classmates. The intensity of the violence reaches a tipping point, compelling her to abandon her education in order to ensure her own survival. Now as an adult, Dong-eun meticulously devises a plan for retribution, her every move is a strategic manoeuvre, meticulously designed to serve justice upon those who tormented her and even those who silently stood by, allowing the torment to persist.

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The Glory is absolutely captivating. The painful flashbacks are difficult to witness, yet you find yourself unable to look away as Dong-eun fights for the justice she rightfully deserves. Whether it’s the adults who turned a blind eye to her suffering or even worsened it, or the bullies themselves, The Glory delves into a tense and surprisingly fast-paced storyline. While it may not rely on excessive gore or constant death, it skillfully dismantles its characters’ mental and emotional states. It’s like watching people trapped in a tightening vice, with tension building relentlessly and no apparent escape in sight.

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The Architecture.

Discover the captivating world of “The Glory” as it unveils a tapestry of architectural wonders. Each location holds a pivotal role in shaping the story, adding depth and intrigue. These real-life settings breathe life into the narrative, enveloping readers in an atmosphere that feels both genuine and enchanting. Let’s explore some of the remarkable locations that make “The Glory” an immersive and unforgettable experience.

  1. The Schools: The schools serve as the backdrop for both the past and present, where everything began. They set the atmosphere of fear in the past for the victims and now, in the present, for the bullies who now find themselves on the receiving end. The high school scenes were captured at Nonsan girls’ commercial high school. This particular location represents the fictional high school where Moon Dong-eun endures severe bullying. It is portrayed as a place of trauma and suffering for her. On the other hand, the elementary school where Dong-eun works as a teacher is filmed at Cheongna Dalton School, an international school situated in Incheon. This particular setting serves as an anchor for the fear of bullies and ignites Dong-eun’s journey towards seeking revenge.
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Nonsan girls’ commercial high school_© triple.

2. Public Spaces: In Cheongju Central Park, a city park in South Korea, various outdoor scenes unfold, adding depth and authenticity to the storyline. This park, surrounded by lush trees and cultural heritage, serves as a backdrop for pivotal conversations and confrontations. It’s a place where characters Moon Dong-Eun and Joo Yeo-Jung engage in a game of Baduk or Go, a significant element in the K-drama. Through this game, Moon Dong-Eun builds a connection with Joo Yeo-Jung, her former bully’s husband, leading to a dramatic turn of events.

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Cheongju lake park life size game of baduk or Go setup_©KoreaTravelPost
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Cheongju Central Park _©Creatrip

3. The place of sin and safety: The 0914 Dosan Flagship Store: In the film “The Glory,” this place is a luxury boutique “Siesta,” which belongs to one of the main villains, is pivotal to the storyline. It serves not just as a spot for clandestine relationships but also as the site where enigmatic vanishings or fatalities occur. The 0914 Dosan Flagship Store, located in the Gangnam District of Seoul, boasts a distinctive architectural design, featuring a standard retail space on the ground floor and a café underground.

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The 0914 Dosan Flagship Store or “Siesta” as per the drama_©Designboom

2398 Studio: Joo Yeojeong’s home doubles as a filming studio tailored for luxurious villa scenes. Moon Dong-Eun discovered a trusted companion in Joo Yeo Jeong, making this spot a secure haven for Moon Dong-Eun and her vulnerabilities, thus becoming a pivotal setting in the series.

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2398 Studio_©HanCinema

4. Cafés and Restaurants: Different cafes and eateries function as gathering spots for the characters, enabling vital discussions and the sharing of secrets. These locations usually provide a level playing field for Dong-eun to converse with her targets or allies without facing an immediate clash. A number of cafes and eateries shown in the series are actual venues in Seoul, such as well-known places in areas like Itaewon and Hongdae.

This intricate architecture allows “The Glory” to deliver a compelling narrative that keeps the audience engaged through its emotional depth, suspenseful plotting, and complex character dynamics. Many episodes end with cliffhangers, creating suspense and encouraging viewers to keep watching. The ending ties together the fates of all major characters, providing closure to the story.


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