Interlace House is located in the Puembo valley in the Andes mountain range.

This 515m2 house is composed from the superposition of 3 volumes that connect and intertwine with each other and with the exterior. The first volume is generated as a crack and a void in the underground floor, marking a clear axis that connects the vehicular entrance with the pool. On this level, there is a car workshop garage where lighting and ventilation play a key role.

Project Name:  Interlace House
Studio Name: TEC Taller EC

Interlace House by TEC Taller EC - Sheet6
©TEC Taller EC

The second volume with a square floor plan and concrete material rests on the natural level of the ground, leaving a strip of light and ventilation with the underground. On this level are the spaces for the social areas and the master bedroom, which are directly related to a series of gardens. Finally, a third volume of corten steel and a rectangular plan contains the private spaces of the house and opens towards the Andes mountain range, connecting the internal spaces with a terrace and the landscape of Quito.

Interlace House by TEC Taller EC - Sheet8
©TEC Taller EC

This superposition of volumes generates a route through the house, each space is related in a different way with the exterior. The entrance and vehicular route has a fundamental role in the house. The car enters the underground floor through a ramp that is visually and directly connected to the pool, which acts as a prism of light. At the end of the path, a car lift is placed in front of the pool, connecting the basement with the porch deck area and allowing the user to display their cars in the social area and move the vehicle from one floor to another, accessing directly from ground floor.

Interlace House by TEC Taller EC - Sheet9
©TEC Taller EC

The pedestrian entrance of the house is done through the concrete volume of the front façade or through the basement. A staircase connects the three levels in a path that opens onto different gardens and views.


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