Concrete and wood and lots of light, that’s how the one-story house on the shore of the Baltic Sea can be described. The architects from Chado Studio invented and implemented the project of a big house with an object area of 371 square meters from scratch.

Project Name: The House in Jurmala
Studio Name: Architectural studio Chado

The House in Jurmala by Architectural studio Chado - Sheet5
©Architectural studio Chado

The exterior of the building imposed on the landscape, it is divided into two volumes with a different height: in the lower one — children’s rooms and guest rooms; at the higher one — a living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom. The house is located in the environment of century-old pines and perfectly integrated into the landscape: an inner courtyard with trees cut into the house body, separating the bedrooms from the public zone.

The House in Jurmala by Architectural studio Chado - Sheet6
©Architectural studio Chado

The interior of the house on the shore of the Baltic Sea became the continuation of its architecture. The accent was made on the concrete texture and natural wood. The architects had a target to create a laconic design of the house and interior, but warm and cozy at the same time. The zoning is made with the help of architectural methods: there is an inner yard, which separates public spaces from personal ones. With the help of large panoramic windows, the interior visually passes into a picturesque landscape.

The House in Jurmala by Architectural studio Chado - Sheet8
©Architectural studio Chado

The central public part creates a contrast with monumental volumes of the sleeping rooms: the dynamic is added to it by cantilever roofing overhangs and the vertical of the fireplace chimney. The interior of the bedroom is very laconic, there is nothing superfluous. The focus was made on high-quality, tactilely and visually pleasing materials. In order to create a private atmosphere in this zone, thick curtains were provided for the windows. A fireplace – is one of the main spectacular elements in the interior of the house. It is designed in such a manner that a firebox is located at an angle – a live fire is seen from different sides. A kitchen set became the brightest accent, it consists of several parts, and a convenient kitchen island is provided. All the kitchen appliances are built-in.


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