The requirement for this project was quite elaborate which included 5 spacious bedrooms, a formal living room, 2 informal living spaces, a double height dining, A skylit area that houses a wooden swing, kitchen work area, a bar area, a 7 seater home theater. And a large utility area in the first floor.

Client: Mr Sunoj Anirudhan and Mrs Deepa Sunoj
Architects: Aswathy Asok , Kiran Suresh , Finespace Architects, Kollam

Ground Floor:
Formal Living Informal Living Dining room
Kitchen with breakfast counter Work area + Store
Bedrooms-3 with attached toilets and dress Study Area
Swing Courtyard
Glass courtyard with greenery

First Floor:
Upper Living Bar Area Home Theater
2 Bedrooms with attached toilets and dress Balcony
Utility Area

Brands Used:
Vox ceilings, Saint Gobain Shingles, Century Ply, Decowood Veneers, St Gobain Planilaque, Kohler, Axor, Kajaria, Hafele, Bosch, Green Clads, Norisys switches.

Sreeragam by Finespace Architects - Sheet3
©Finespace Architects

It was important for the client to have a home with traditional influences and yet be luxurious and unique.

Fitting these requirements in this land with enough breathing space, landscaping and 3 parking spaces was a challenge.

We wanted to limit the footprint of the building to an extent so that the massing and the roofing patterns become interesting from the access road.

Sreeragam by Finespace Architects - Sheet5
©Finespace Architects

We have used the basic visual principles of Rhythm, pattern and emphasis to achieve the uniqueness of facade.

The climatic response of the building was also taken into account in the design stage. The skylights are designed to play the role of bringing the light in, at the same time releasing the heat through the principle of stack effect. We ve also purposely avoided large windows for bedrooms on the South Side to passively reduce the overall heat gain inside and it keeps the bedrooms cooler.

And there’s also active means of heat control using motorized shutters for skylights , so that there’s no possibility of overheating of the interior spaces during the summer.

We didn’t have much luxury of free space inside to play around with,as the requirements almost took up a major area of the land. Yet The design as you can see is compact yet invigorating and lively. This was achieved by carefully letting in air and light the way we wanted it.

Sreeragam by Finespace Architects - Sheet7
©Finespace Architects

You can see that all the double height spaces have skylights with patterns. They have a visual as well as a functional aspect of cutting down excessive sunlight as upto 20 percent.

It creates kind of a visual drama on the floor as the sun takes its path.

This home also makes use of solar electricity generation and water heating, contributing to sustainable development.

The interior of this home is designed to impart comfort and luxury, giving a unique character to each room.

You can see a classic black and white theme combined with warm wood tones as an overall colour palette that is timeless and soothing.

©Finespace Architects

We’ve embellished the neutral tones with a touch of gold and metallic decor to accentuate the black and white marble finish tiles brought in especially for this project from Gujarat.

The home was artistically styled by the team of stylists of Melo Interiors, with carefully curated art decor bedding and lighting from India and Abroad.

The estimated finished cost of this project is Rs 5 CR.

Finespace Architects

Combining 13 years of experience in the field of contemporary architectural design, Finespace crafts an intriguing blend of stunning contemporary architecture and civic responsibility into all their projects. Creating exceptional and creative urban environments.

The partnership is led by the architect duo Aswathy Asok and Kiran Suresh, who are passionate about building spaces that are both captivating and practical.

The designers begin with the analysis of the site and topography, developing the design concept, and then composing designs that are respectful of each unique landscape. By manipulating materials, textures, patterns, colors, light, and more. The result is always beautiful, detailed, and expressive.

The team takes pride in working collaboratively with clients, consultants, and contractors in shaping a built environment with unique and unparalleled designs, and in providing creative and innovative design solutions with honesty and integrity.

In addition to their extensive experience in residential architecture, Finespace architects have been associated with numerous commercial, healthcare, public, and interior design projects. With the goal of always aiming to delight the user or passerby.


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