The project’s location, as a gate to the future Ramassiers neighborhood to come, and in between two landscaped spaces, is the foundation of the design thinking process.

If architecture is the art of playing with the constraints, then this block is a smart composition of nowadays’ stakes.

Project Name: Toulouse ZAC Saint-Martin
Architecture Firm: Aldric Beckmann Architectes
Firm Location: 5 Rue d’Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France
Completion Year: 2021
Gross Built Area: 4120 m²
Project location: Z.A.C Saint-Martin du Touch, Toulouse, France
Lead Architects: Laura Ros
Photo credits: Laurent Gueneau


Design Team: Ana Gutiérrez Díez, Mai Huong Nguyen, Juliette Chapelier
Clients: Éclisse Promotion
Thermal – Fluids Technical Consultant : Occinergy
Structure Technical Consultant: 1G2L
Roads and Utilities Technical Consultant: STDI
Landscape: Atelier APUC
Building Regulations Consultant: BTP Consultants
Safety and Health Protection Coordinator: MC2 Ingénierie
Land Surveyor: Cabinet Vailles
Geotechnician: Terrefort

Operational Project Management: EEC31
Semi-public Company: Oppidea Toulouse Metropole
Town Planner: Sathy Architecture Urbanisme
City of Toulouse: General Management Delegate for Public Spaces / Delegation for Territorial Planning

Toulouse Saint-Martin by Aldric Beckmann Architectes - Sheet4
©Laurent Gueneau

Our goal is to create a landscaped object that is cohesive with the surrounding greenery, as well as existing patterns and the Concerted Urban Development Zone as a whole. A preexisting dovecote has been preserved and entirely revamped, so that common spaces can be developed around this. It can work as a central link to a particular historical memory.

The project settle itself around those following principals:

– Create a green Oasis through gardens forming the heart of the block and green facades.

– Making up an innovative shape for the plot plan:

The 63 dwellings of the project are shared between six independent plots that have various heights. The two buildings, that include the collective housings, form a build-up street edge. They offer single-family homes on top of their roof, which resonate with the scale of the backyard’s smaller plots.

– Concentrate vertical circulation around one main exterior point:

Two main buildings are connected by elevated pathways, giving each apartment an access from the elevator and the shared exterior staircase. We optimize circulation area and liberate space on the ground to transform it into more common spaces to use. These saved spaces connect to the exterior of the housings.

This move allows the project to reduce the material consumption and framing it into controlled and reasonable costs.

Toulouse Saint-Martin by Aldric Beckmann Architectes - Sheet6
©Laurent Gueneau

– Use biosourced material and sustainable constructing methods that are mastered by local businesses:

The structure is based on honeycomb bricks. The low-cost and high performance offered by this method of construction help to manage the buildings to align to a certain sustainable quality – Qualitel BBC Effinergie, Patrimoine Habitat & Environnement.

– The challenge of working with an Concerted Urban Zone – the Saint Martin du Touch Zone’s case in the West of Toulouse – intersecting various densities

Toulouse Saint-Martin by Aldric Beckmann Architectes - Sheet8
©Laurent Gueneau

Ramassiers’ District is located close to economic hubs, and business areas that try to supplement an already strong aviation activity. The whole urban zone is 160 acres, and is accessible from the Arc-en-Ciel ring road and the line C. The project emulates a highly strategic location that is in the process of gaining an attractive connectivity to the existing public network.

The West side of the project dialogue with the residential area composed of single-family homes. The program aims to align different situations (individual, medium and collective dwellings), by gradually densifying the type of design along the west to east direction. The link between the two programmatic strips, residential and business areas, is made in the heart of the urban development zone, which is also the center of a large open park along the North-South axis. The continuity of a green landscape, transversal relationship of the program and neighborhood culture will deliver a great place to live and bind people through social activities on a larger scale.

Toulouse Saint-Martin by Aldric Beckmann Architectes - Sheet9
©Laurent Gueneau

The plot of the project, included in the extensive urban development zone, is establishing an entire new urban entity. The site is framed on the East by the central park and a dead-end road connecting the project to the local train station of the Ramassier. The North is where the future pedestrian path will extend, and a classified wood is outlining the South of our plot.


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