The existing building is located in an area with a deconstructed urban character. By extension, the existing body develops vertically and horizontally to volumetrically fit the footprint and alignment to the cornice.

AREA: 5000 sqm
YEAR: 2019
CONSULTANTS (COLLABORATORS): V&V Projekt – energy efficiency concepts, Fenici Kevin – renders

Country Council by Atelier MASS - Sheet2
©Atelier MASS

The presence towards the boulevard is dominated by a facade full of stone. The space between the buildings shape a new urban square, a representative space, towards which the new headquarters orients and open up through transparency an atrium and new accesses. The circular arc of the extended ground floor is an urban-scale response to the curved northern front of the plaza, thus completing the urban ensemble.

Country Council by Atelier MASS - Sheet5
©Atelier MASS

The multifunctional hall is on the ground floor to facilitate public access with direct access from the atrium which also acts as a foyer. The wardrobe is accessed also from this space. The presence of the green slope here is realized through a cutout that lets the vegetation descend into an outer courtyard. The restaurant is positioned on the 1st floor with a direct relationship to the terrace above the ground floor which connects the building to the slope. The restaurant is also close to the multi-purpose hall when they need to work together, and supports the proposed pedestrian link along the slope. Floors are dedicated to office spaces, including County Architect Department.

©Atelier MASS

The atrium transposes into space the idea of ​​transparency of the relationship between the institution and the public. Spaces for meeting visitors for informal discussions take the form of interior balconies, open spaces that run the full height of the atrium. These spaces are subdivided by vegetation to make the direct relationship between the administration and citizens as natural and human as possible.


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