Casa PB is a beautifully crafted house designed with leisure, family and nature in mind. Located on a hilly terrain, the house has two wagons connected by an underground corridor and is positioned to offer privileged views over the mountains from all rooms of the building.

Studio Name: BRC Architecture
Design Team: Bruno Botelho, Mariana Paiva, Carol Cortez, João Dias, Robert Santos, Lucas Paiva
Area: 300m2
Year: 2020
Location: Aracariguama – SP/ Brazil
Consultants: Calcule Engenharia / Rosa e Sene Engenharia
Photography Credits: João Dias

Casa PB by BRC Architecture - Sheet4
©João Dias

All bedrooms and living areas are filled with natural light and ventilation that facilitate connection with nature in a unique way. At the lower block, there is a large private terrace perfect for enjoying evenings spent outdoors by the fire or star gazing under pleasant skies.

Casa PB by BRC Architecture - Sheet5
©João Dias
Casa PB by BRC Architecture - Sheet7
©João Dias

Casa PB was created as a meeting of beliefs and needs to foster harmonious relationships among its members while creating memories to last forever.


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