The new University College in Southern Denmark, ’UC Syd Campus’ in Kolding area, houses the educational programs Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Graphic Communication, Media and Sono-Communication (sound design) as well as English and Digital Marketing Communication.

Project Name: UC Syd Campus
Studio Name: Cubo Arkitekter
Client: University College Syddanmark
Engineer: Hamiconsult
Contractor: C.C. Contractor
Landscape Architect: LYTT Architecture
Area: Kolding, Denmark
Year: 2022
Location: Universitetsparken 2, Kolding, Denmark
Photography Credits: Martin Schubert

UC Syd, Campus by Cubo Arkitekter - Sheet5
©Martin Schubert

The triangular volume inscribes itself with the neighboring building SDU in a unified campus that speaks the same architectural language. The house is its own, but in balance with the already existing neighbor building.

UC Syd, Campus by Cubo Arkitekter - Sheet7
©Martin Schubert

The master plan is a compact and sustainable building structure with short walking distances and an enriching interior spatial variation. A learning landscape takes shape in different levels and plateaus in a rotating movement upwards through the house, where different classrooms and workshops are staged and made visible.

UC Syd, Campus by Cubo Arkitekter - Sheet9
©Martin Schubert

The building has one of the world’s largest loudspeaker installations – ‘The sound-embracing atrium’ – consisting of 187 loudspeakers. The installation will be used for sound art and acoustic research.


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