The surrounding area of the designed establishment is developed by summer houses. The two-story elevation is located on the lake side. The horizontal, simple shape is characterized by lightness, has balanced proportions, but retains an austere-ascetic appearance.

Studio Name: EV Architects
Location: Chyby, Poland
Year: 2020

Single-family house in Chyby by EV Architects - Sheet4
©EV Architects

Plane of the building has been enhanced with additive, organic forms in the first floor. Lightness was achieved by using flowing lines and ribbon windows at the first floor level. The extended first floor limits the space by creating a resting place on the terrace between the wings of the building. The facade in the middle of the façade is divided by a dodge and the monumental at first glance structure in fact blends perfectly into both the culture of the landscape and its natural setting.

Single-family house in Chyby by EV Architects - Sheet5
©EV Architects

An important premise of the project is the idea of forming the building around an atrium, which opens to the outside – to the garden. The function of the living space is performed by the rooms of the living zone and the recreational and sports zone, which are concentrated around the atrium. Direct contact of residents with the garden and the surroundings is possible by glazing in the facade of the building.

Single-family house in Chyby by EV Architects - Sheet7
©EV Architects

The planned greenery blends the building into the existing nature. In addition to the atrium, the project envisages the placement of tall greenery around the building and   medium greenery isolating the residential space from the road. An important aspect is to set the building in the context of its surroundings by fitting into the local landscape of holiday homes and using its qualities. Therefore, the block has some features of neo-modernist style with minimalist aesthetics and simplicity of massing, while providing favorable living  conditions.


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