You are looking for an architect. For a new-build home that is truly unique. For a renovation that works out perfectly or an office that pays off. I would like to tell you about my vision and approach. But first take a look at my work. If that appeals, we’ll talk further.

Project Name: Project house De Brug
Studio name: VAN ERK design agency
Design group: Laurens van Erk
Area: Netherlands
Year: 2018
Location: Zundert
Photography credits: Laurens van Erk
Contractor: Bouwbedrijf Gelens, Etten-Leur Netherlands
Landscape architect: Knops garden design

Project House De Brug by VAN ERK ontwerpbureau - Sheet2
©Laurens van Erk

Ask a child to draw a house and you get a drawing of the outside. You keep that perspective for a lifetime. When you think of a beautiful home, you picture the exterior. Facades and roof, windows and doors, materials and colours.

Project House De Brug by VAN ERK ontwerpbureau - Sheet3
©Laurens van Erk

Before we get into the exterior, I’ll ask about other things first. What do your days look like, what do you expect from the future? What do you enjoy, how do you relax, what is ‘really coming home’ to you? First of all I want to understand how you stand in life. To draw the map that makes you happy. Once that is in place, the shell will be placed around it… the façade image of your dreams.

©Laurens van Erk

Characteristic of my work. Living environments tailored to the residents. Original solutions, often as a central eye-catcher. Thoughtful positioning on the lot, for the finest light and the most beautiful views. Balanced surface divisions, clean lines, innovative materials.


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